How to Make Wall Clock Hands

Replacing hands is the last step after installing a quartz movement mechanism in the case of the clock on a wall. quartz wall clock dial diameter housings and come in different shapes and sizes.hands quartz clock also come in different lengths to accommodate this diversity. Installing the hands of the clock, however, involves the same technique regardless of their length. Install the hands of the quartz wall clock can be made as little as 10 minutes with attention to detail.


  • Open the front access door dial the clock if it has this feature.
  • Place the hour hand on the axis of movement of the brass clock.Slide your hand to the face as much as possible without straining.Turn any direction to point directly at 12:00.
  • Install the minute hand on the shaft threaded steel.Look at the slot in the hub of the center of the minute hand. Align the hole with the corresponding leg of the tree.
  • Install the nut holding the needle minutes on the threaded end of the shaft.Turn the nut by hand until tight.Make sure that the minute hand hole is seated correctly on the leg of arbor.
  • Turn off the minute hand on the 12:00 position.Resetting the hour hand at 12:00 if necessary.Check both hands to be parallel to the dial and to each other to prevent slipping and touch.
  • Install the sweep second hand by placing the central tube on the tree in the center of the shaft of the minute hand.Push it.Do not use excessive force when performing this step.
  • Make hands again to ensure they are parallel to each other and dial.
  • Panel front closure if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • Quartz clocks not equipped with a sweep second-hand function will have a decorative timepiece like modern clocks.

Modern Wall Clock

If you are a skateboarder in your family, why not find a use for that old skateboard? Discover this wall clock easy to do, but very cool with Ty Pennington.

Skill level: Beginner


Rule; pencil; skateboard with decorative below; hand drill with bits; watch kit; picture hanging kit;hammer.


  1. Measure and mark the center board with wheels, between the wheels.Drill a hole slightly larger than the clock tree to the brand.
  2. Follow the directions of watchmaking manufacturer € ™ movement to secure the top of the skateboard and hands on the underside of the skateboard.
  3. Attach picture hooks up the skateboard, the upper corners.Stretch and tie wire brackets.Get on the wall.