How to Make Your Own Little Black Dress

Want to customize your little black dress? This tutorial is made for you!

We have all a simple dress in our wardrobe we are trying somehow to accessorize. But sometimes the lack of inspiration or time does not facilitate the life!

Here’s a quick and easy do-it-yourself allowing you to accessorize your little black dress with a simple detail lace on the shoulders. This feminine and refined material will give a sophisticated side to your dress and you’ll be sure to not have the same as your girlfriend! And if our tutorial you like but you don’t have a basic sexy dress, go buy at!

Step 1

Gather your materials:

-a simple black dress,

-1 m 50 of Black Lace (quite wide, minimum 8-10 cm wide).

-of the black sewing thread,.

-a needle,


-a measuring tape.

Step 2

Measure the total length of the ramp of the dress.

Step 3

Then cut the lace in function, by adding 2 cm on each side.

Step 4

Return the dress. Place and PIN the lace at the ramp (make sure to place and upside lace). The lace has to be “straight” with the dress. Do more basting (sew to major points before assembling permanently) with black thread to keep the lace.

Step 5

We must then return the dress and is sewing lace. To do this, you use a sewing machine and you follow the existing seam of the dress, either it is possible to sew by hand, it is a little longer but equally effective.

Step 6

Remove the basting threads.

Step 7

Return the dress again to cut the rest of lace protruding on the inside.

Step 8

Return the dress and it’s over!

Thanks to Our site who inspired us for this Do It Yourself.