How to Match a Shirt with Jabot


The garment most used both by women than by men , is undoubtedly the shirt. Its origins are very old but then over the years it has been transformed and modernized. Usually made ​​of cotton, linen or silk , the shirt is characterized by a classic model that provides a stiff collar and button front. Typically it is a garment that is combined with a stylish and formal style , worn at the office or an important occasion. However modern trends have completely revolutionized the uses that can be made ​​of a shirt: in fact, although it is still used in very formal occasions, can also be worn on the classic jeans to create a casual style. A type of very fashionable shirt at the moment is the one with Dickey. In this guide, then we see how to match the garment.

The shirt with front piece from can be worn alone or under a shirt with long sleeves with a wide scoop neckline that leaves glimpse the details. If worn alone, this shirt can also be combined with a modern cardigan long knitted, cotton or wool. To have a more elegant style , you can opt for a classic blazer long sleeve solid color, preferably shades darker than the shirt.

To complete the pairing, if you want a sporty style, you can wear a pair of jeans and shoes sneakers or ballet shoes, possibly the same color cardigan. If you have a small waist and the shirt model is long, it will be a must enrich her ​​with a leather belt. The bag must be small, shoulder or trunk, preferably to match the shoes. If desired, however, a more elegant style, you can wear a pair of pants or a pencil skirt of the same color as the blazer, paired with high-heeled shoes. In this case, you’d better wear a shoulder bag of medium size and of the same color of the shoes.

The look can not be complete without the right accessories, such as a pair of long earrings and bracelet in a delicious combination, which go to enhance even more the shirt. Alternatively, you can opt for a long necklace, which, however, must be very sober and never accompanied by earrings too long to avoid burdening the style too.