How to Maximize Battery Life on Any Android!

are you one of those who leaves your smart phone charging all night to have 100% battery at the start of the day and even without using it, it arrives at six in the afternoon with 15% or less of charge?  ”smart” means smart, but it can also mean”suck a lot of energy”… and you already know that. how to solve the problem? maybe buy a galaxy s5 or a htc one with the power saving mode? or try to exploit this feature on your device, in order to prolong the autonomy enough? read on to know!

There are several apps to save your device’s battery for power via ewenzhou. some are a fake, others consume more than they save, and the rest are not well known how they work. today i present an application that stands out from the others for simplicity and efficiency: deep sleep battery saver.

how it works?

this application is not a simple”task killer” disguised as a battery icon. it is an advanced tool that allows you to permanently disable all applications in the background, for the chosen period of time, with the screen off. no application, connection, or other services – except for sms and calls – can be activated. when time expires, various social apps – such as whatsapp, for example – can be updated and possibly will alert you to new notifications, only to be deactivated again by repeating the”saving cycle.” as soon as you decide to turn on the screen, the ds battery saver will pause, ready to restart the service as soon as the screen is locked.


there are five very practical predefined profiles, each suitable for different needs:

  • gentil: every 30 minutes the app allows 1 minute for all apps to update.
  • vigorous: every 45 minutes…
  • balanced: every hour.
  • aggressive: every 2 hours.
  • dormente: maximum economy, always active.

in the free version you can not change the profiles, but even then the service is more than satisfactory. test the application; once the results are seen, the value of the paid version will certainly not make you go bankrupt.

profile options(pro)

each profile is divided into two periods: weekdays and weekends. for each phase, the profile includes the following parameters:

  • wireless network: choose which connections can be(un) enabled from the application. to work in gps and airplane mode(offline), you must install the xposed framework.
  • sync: how to manage application synchronization.
  • frequency: how often the service will stop, so that other apps can update.
  • duration: how long until the application is updated; the default is 1 minute.
  • night: during this period, the device is always in deepsleep mode.
  • apps: select the app to ignore.
  • cpu( root): for the multi-core system , you can keep only one processor running.
  • usage time: choose the days when you do not want active service.


in the ‘battery’ section, we can also do what in most other similar apps appears as the only option:

  • optimize memory by closing active applications(task killer).
  • set manually or automatically settings that most interfere with the battery: screen in standby mode, sync, internet, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc.
  • view the battery charge status(during charging) or history(if it is removed).

other options

entering the settings(in the upper bar on the right), we can find several advanced options:


  • battery: automatically starts the service with the selected battery percentage, and shuts off during charging.
  • screen shutdown delay: after how many seconds the service will be(turned) off by turning the screen on or off.
  • stop whitelist apps: choose the apps that are ignored in the”optimize” section of the battery.
  • ignore recent applications: choose the number of the last used applications, which will not be interrupted during deepsleep.
  • enable deep sleep whitelist: do not allow selected apps on this list to enter deepsleep
  • other options.

notification language

  • show persistent notification: leave this option selected, otherwise android may decide to stop the application. it is also very useful; i changed the cleanmaster’s bar with that.
  • notification style( notification style): you can choose to see only text or a bar with more options.
  • notify me when…( notification when…): choose how and when to be notified when the percentage of the battery is less than the percentage chosen by you(or is fully charged)
  • other options.

depending on your options and habits, you can extend the battery for several hours, something that is very useful at critical times! if you’ve used other similar apps, try replacing them with this for a few days and let us know how it works!