How to Pack the Suitcase to Travel to Orlando?

One of the most common questions we received through the comments from the go to Disney is: what to put in the suitcase on a trip to Orlando? With the routine of parks, shopping and a different climate of Brazil, it is common to be in doubt before leaving for the airport. We gathered here some things we thought about time to pack up our suitcase and other tips for you to think about yours.

What to put in your suitcase

The first thing to think about is the time when you travel to Orlando, and remember that there in the USA, the seasons of the year are not the same as in Brazil. That means that while it’s summer here, there at Disney you need to be prepared to face a cold climate. Of course weather forecast is never 100% reliable, but if I were you, I would give a read on our Orlando guide month to Month to know what to expect at the time you are planning to travel.

Still on the climate, it is important to take alternatives, as I have already found hot days in the middle of the harsh winter of January and also colder nights during the hot months in the city. Moreover, think that on the airplane and in many Orlando locations, the air conditioning is super strong, so a sweatshirt in the trunk does not hurt anyone.

The second important point to think is your goal at purchasing time during the trip, since most of us enjoy the outlets to renew the wardrobe. So if you plan to do a lot of shopping, think about it at the time of making your suitcase here in Brazil and take fewer things to save space in the suitcase for purchases.

Further down in this post, you confer our suggestion of items to carry, but comfortable clothing are the most indispensable items on any trip to Orlando. That’s because we walk all day in parks or malls, and nothing worse than getting “tight” or “hurting” all day.

So don’t forget to take a good pair of tennis (or buy one as soon as you get there) and if you go to travel in the summer, where the warmth in Orlando arrives to be unbearable, abuse of Bermuda, light T-shirts, dresses (for women) and mostly slippers (my favorites! I’m a friend.

What not to put in your suitcase

Just like all the other tips on this post, everything will depend on what you’re going to do there in Orlando, but some of the things that Re and I (almost) we never put in our suitcases there:

Social clothing: Sometimes I even take a social shirt to go to dinner at a nicer restaurant and such, but being Orlando the city that lives on vacation, it doesn’t make much sense to take more than that. Unless you go to dinner at the Victoria & Alberts, Grand Floridian’s star restaurant and demanding formal attire, leave these items out.

Jump: A Re told me that taking heel shoe to Orlando is completely unnecessary for her that is high. She thinks considering how much she walks in Orlando, the jump only serves to leave her with the aching foot. Unless you’re lower and really just like to walk with a jump, our suggestion is that it stays in the same shoe.

Food: Yes, many people have food restrictions and this is a little bit more delicate when we talk about babies and children, but for a matter of pest control and diseases, the US is very restricted relative to the entry in the country with foods that come from abroad. They may be taken, provided they are declared (in the customs form, which we have already spoken here) and inspected on arrival in the country. You may want to risk it and not declare anything, but know that the fine if you get caught can reach up to 10000 dollars! Of course, having a cookie, porridge, bottle, cereal bar and small snacks to eat on the airplane is permitted, but anything else can be misinterpreted. Moreover, you are going to the USA and there you find things from here with ease: milk powder (The nest there is called Nido), coffee, beans, rice, fruits, porridge…

About the handbag

Another important point of thinking is the suitcase, which is the luggage we can take inside the cabin of the airplane. Except for exceptions, each passenger can embark with a suitcase and a personal item (purse, small backpack, briefcase…). This suitcase must be small to fit in the trunk or underneath the seat in front of the plane. Some airline companies still weigh that luggage to ensure that it is within the weight and size permitted, so do not forget to consult what restrictions on the company you are traveling.

Some items I always put in my handbag, which in general is a backpack from even:

Travel documents: Visa passport, hotels/car reservations, printed parks vouchers.

A coat, since it’s pretty cold on the plane.

A change of clothing, in case my dispatched suitcase is misguided when arriving at destination.

Chargers in general, especially one for the cell phone.

A small necessaire: with toothbrush/toothpaste, a hand cream and a cocoa butter since inside the airplane the air is very dry. The Resider has a nóia that everything in the airplane dries the hand (mainly the blanket) so she turns the hand cream manic during the flight. It also takes a mini Blankie and her fop (which do not dry out the hand, according to it).

My tablet, to watch a movie, series or still be playing something. I’ll take headphones, since I don’t like the ones who distribute the planes.

My purse scales so we can always weigh the suitcases that we will dispatch and verify that they are within the permissible weight. Very useful Item and we always use it in time to come back.

A Ziploc or any transparent sachet to save my liquid items (such as the hand cream of the resurface).

Another type of item that is fundamental to be inside the suitcase is any high-value product, and here we can include from jewelry, electronics and even money and cards. This should never be dispatched in the larger suitcases, for security reasons, since baggage theft is becoming increasingly common at airports. Click here to see our tips to prevent this.

On the other hand there are other items that can never embark on the suitcase, for example:

Liquids or gels with more than 100ml/each.

Aerosol sprays.

Very large cutting items such as scissors, knives and switchblades.

The Basics: explosives, firearms, flammable, gasoline-powered instruments…

List of items: The check list of the suitcase

Below we put a suggestion than not forgetting to take to Orlando while you’re packing. Of course, many items have remained outside, others within the list of each, but we try to be as complete as possible.

I generally travel with much less than we put in the list, but how it will depend on each person, we leave the file so you can download, modify and print. Then make yourself comfortable.

Click here to download the list in PDF

Click here to download the list in Excel

Click here to open list in Google Docs

The suitcase and the suitcase of the back

For buyers on duty, it’s common to think about traveling almost with nothing and returning with the luggage bursting. All right, who never did this to throw the first stone, but some considerations are necessary:

Never travel with an empty suitcase. If you want to dispatch two big suitcases to fill out shopping on the back, take care to put some things in each, or still, one inside the other with some clothes.

Take only the necessary to wear the days when you are staying in the USA, until you can explain to the immigration agent that you are not planning to stay illegally in the country (although they already withdraw that we Brazilians go there to buy even hehe).

With the potential improvements in the Brazilian customs system, they say that the IRS will start comparing the weight of the suitcases of a passenger on the way back and forth, since airlines have that information. I don’t know how far this is true and if in fact they’re going to get this crossing of information for everyone, but here’s the alert for those who go with their pockets shaking and back with overflowing shopping.