How to Remove Polish Pro

We presented the outstanding results that can be obtained with the enamel semi-permanent Polish Pro Trebosi and now we show you the correct procedure for removing glazing.

Well after three weeks the enamel is chipped at the sides and then it is time to remove it. How should I do? What are the steps to follow for proper removal semi-permanent enamel? Let’s straighten up all the steps and show you how simple it is to eliminate the semi-permenente enamel no file!


Normally the removal of the semi-permanent polish is a bit ‘long and you use different grain files.With Polish Pro Trebosi instead is much simpler: do not file and polish it off with a special liquid.

Let’s see the correct procedure for removal.


– Remover Trebosi;
– garzine cotton;
– capucci of rubber.


To begin with the removal, apply a small amount of remover of Trebosi on cotton garzine and place them directly on the nail

Unroll the rubber capucci on the fingers so as not to allow it to evaporate the product.

Let it set for 10 minutes.

Then proceed with the removal of capucci and possibly help yourself with a spatula to remove residues from the nail enamel.

If you want to keep the nail to the natural enough that slightly past the buffer and finish with anourishing cuticle oil.

At this point you can create a new manicure and apply one of the many colors of Trebosi Polish Pro enamels.

Easy right? If you want to learn something more on semi-permanent polish, you should know that Trebosi organizes numerous training courses, both for professionals and for those who are beginners. All the news and information can be found on the official website.