How To Ride a Bike In The Rain

The bikes are not just for the summer. Although rain can make our bicicletamenos ride nice, should not be an impediment to use our favorite travel. Even for aficionados, the drops of water may be more attractive to enjoy while we cycle. So you can practice cycling throughout the year and in good condition, in Our site explain how to ride a bike in the rain.

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It is essential that we use Gore-Tex gloves or a fabric similar to that water does not get in the way and we can grab the handles securely and handling the commands without risk of slipping his hands.

To cover the upper part of the body when cycling in the rain should wear a jacket made with the same material. Avoid, in this way, the water in the sauce and run the risk of getting pneumonia.

We may or may not wear boots to protect your feet and lower legs, we should use gaiters, which insulate the entire area of the water, at the same time avoid the uncomfortable sensation of pedaling with their feet wet.

The mudguards converted into a bicycle tire lighting indispensable when it rains. To place them, impede the water the wheels when rotating spray hitting the US being kicked back, legs or even the face, something that would lead to a dangerous situation to make us lose the visibility.

The bicycle helmet will help protect your head from the rain and, for the neck and the face, we can use waterproof protectors. It is not recommended to use sunglasses in case of rain, the drops are in the glass and prevent the visibility. On the other hand, if it’s HailStorm, it is preferable to use them.