How to Set a La Crosse Atomic Wall Clock

A La Crosse Atomic Wall Clock is a radio-controlled wall clock.This means that the clock uses long-wave radio signals to set the time yourself, based on the time zone you have chosen for the clock. The clock automatically resets the time needed, for example, if the clock is lagging behind or in summer.

slide the battery cover on the back of the clock down. Insert one AA battery in the residence and slide the battery cover over the battery housing unit.
Press “PT” (Pacific Time), “MT” (Mountain Time), “CT” (Central Time) or “ET” (Eastern Time ) button for the time zone where you are located. If you press more than one button, the clock will display the time based on the key you last pressed. If no key is pressed, the clock set to Pacific Time. Get a custom wall clock from Phoenixwallclocks.
Place clock upright in front of a window. The clock will search for a signal. Due to the nature of long wave radio signals, a signal is not available today and may have to stay in the window overnight. The clock will continue to search for a signal until it gets one. When the time has been set, the clock can be hung on a wall.