How to Set up a Small Bedroom

Landscaping of a small room requires a little know-how and some tricks. Focus on the rules to know to succeed the layout of this room flagship of the House!

The small rooms have not said their last word

Your room is small and not sure how to develop functional and decorative way? By following a few tips practical and full of common sense, it is possible to optimize its space to the maximum, while enjoying a nice and comfortable room.

Choice of bedroom furniture, the colors, but also materials, use of space and walls, light and other accessories of decoration: nothing must be left to chance. To build the House of your dreams despite its reduced surface, follow these 7 rules of gold, as simple and effective!

Rule # 1: choose suitable furniture

For successful installation of a small room, the choice of furniture is important. Out of the question to build for example on a bed 160 or 180 cm width if the size of the room is inadequate. Same thing with bedside tables that correspond to the overall volume of the room.

Too large size furniture would prevent you in fact circulate in the room. They seem more disproportionate in relation to the room. Think so when you make your purchases of furniture.

Rule No. 2: respect the spirit of the place

The spirit of the place means that a room is a room and must be reserved for functions: those of the rest. In short, avoid to install your Office, especially if you have enough space.

You will gain comfort and surface. If you can’t set up your office in a room due to lack of space, prefer the living room, a place generally larger than the room and who best fits the spirit of the office as a room.

Rule # 3: choose light colors

For the walls of the room, opt for light colors. The hues will indeed give the impression to enlarge the room while with a dark color your room seem smaller and less ventilated.

White is of course the perfect color but feel free also to use pastel colors that lend themselves perfectly to create a room for the gentle and soothing effect. If you want to use a dense color or bright it is possible: paint a single piece of wall and follow the rule of light shades on the other 3.

Rule # 4: strip your deco

As part of the development of a small room, the more is the enemy of the good. Out of the question in overburdening your furniture and walls of trinkets of all kinds: there is nothing better to create a sense of space.

So bet instead on a sober and refined decoration. A pretty picture, two lamps bedside, one or two accessories coordinated, a few throw pillows and the turn is played. Do not overload your room. Side curtains, same idea: prefer heavy drapes with sheers and adopt light materials.

Rule # 5: think of the shelves

Shelves and other tablets have a double advantage: they provide storage space while avoiding cluttering up the floor. When you have a room small is indeed using the walls to give lightness to landscaping.

The ideal: choose shelves to the light structure. Another trick for good use the walls: think of the doors wall coats to drop off some clothes without occupying the ground.

Rule # 6: bet on the light

A well lit room, is a room which seems great. For a small room, it is so important to have a beautiful light to balance the room. So be sure to choose lamps adapted, especially if you don’t have sufficient natural light.

Usually, the ideal is to choose two bedside lamps identical to place on both sides of the bed, as well as a ceiling light. Avoid the halogen light toward the ceiling. Contrary to popular opinion, it Cup room and reduces the feeling of space.

Rule No. 7: use the angles

To optimize the space in your room, feel free to use the angles of the room but also every nook and cranny. For example, you can install a shelf to put your jewelry in the evening, your mobile phone and any small objects that you use on a daily basis.

A corner can also be an opportunity to install a small armchair in order to give a warm atmosphere to the room. Or why not a nice vanity of angle in order to get ready in the morning?