How to Start Creating Applications for Smart Phones

Knowledge of programming logic is basic condition

To begin developing applications it is necessary to download a development kit (SDK). The Android SDK can be obtained from the Android Developers site . The iPhone can be downloaded from the iOS Dev Center .

In both systems the SDK is free and includes documentation and code that helps the professional to create an application in accordance with the standards. In addition, you must pay a fee to participate in the official program for developers (R $156 on the App Store and R $16 in the Android Market).

To create the applications it is necessary still have programming knowledge (Objective-C, in the case of the iPhone, and Java, for Android). “It is not impossible for someone who does not have programming base, but is much more difficult, because it is necessary at least a reasonable knowledge of programming logic,” says programmer Renato Pessanha.

Who want to create applications for iPhone should still have, an Apple computer. They are the ones that run the XCode development tool for iOS. “If you buy a Mac and study hard, in three or four months can develop your first simple application. Worth the investment, “says the developer Alessandro Figueiredo.

Android devices give more work

In the case of Android, the Eclipse development tool is available for free for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. The Google platform, however, brings some difficulties do not exist on the iPhone. “There are more than 20 different screen sizes between handsets with Android, plus separate processing capacity,” says Gabriel Rinaldi, Director of agency development Galapagos.

In another brazilian company QUByte Interactive applications, developers faced the problem to start creating applications for Android. “We always have to make some adjustments in the game, because there are devices with different resolutions,” says Hannequin Cabral, CEO of QUByte.

On any platform, the main tip is to start with simpler applications, such as the task list (To Do). “At the beginning is a little tricky to learn alone, then the person can also take a course, but nowadays there is already so much available material on the internet about it,” said Pasha.

To help developers of iPhone, Stanford University (USA) has made available a course through iTunesU, section of the iTunes store dedicated to content published by universities. Free, the course teaches, in detail, how to develop the first application for iPhone. “Anyone can follow the course, but you have to know English,” says Rinaldi, the Galapagos. Special school for programming also are beginning to offer courses focused on development in smart phones.

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