How to Style Bags

We all have a favorite purse is not news to anyone, agree girls? That’s because today, more than ever, she is an accessory that fulfils your full paper: while it takes everything we need in one occasion, acts as essential to make the look more beautiful and glamorous.

And as the stock market is usually the favorite to join us more often, how about some ideas to innovate in order to use it? Whatever the model, today I share with you here in the column the different ways to load the it bag!

Bags with long handle

Take the long strap bag slung on baglib, parallel to the body, is the most feminine and elegant to use it. In addition, it is practical, since it leaves our hands-free.

When used gently sloping, she comes out of the conventional, getting more different and modernizing the look.

In the case of the proposal be a more jovial and relaxed, use the long strap bag across is a great alternative! She can look good next to the hip or in front, next to the body.

Wrapped in the wrist with several laps, the bag turns bracelet, becoming a new accessory to complete the production.

If it isn’t too long, this kind of handle is also beautiful when used hanging in the forearm.

And who says the bag long handle cannot be used as a handbag? To do this, simply take several laps in the chain and hold her! Noting that the same can be done with the leather strap.

Handbags with short handle

In the case of handbags with short handle, take them hanging from the forearm is an excellent choice. Of all the options, this is my favorite. I think super sophisticated!

Another way to use short handle bags without error is holding the handle with your hand. It’s chic and timeless.

To those who want to get away from the traditional, the hint: pass the wrist inside of handle and hold the bag ahead of us!

If the intention is to adhere to the ladylike style modern, the tip is another: hold the bag with both hands in front of the body.


The classic and elegant way to use the clutch is holding it over. One of the advantages is that the rings are highlighted too.

An alternative to the previous option is doing exactly the opposite, holding the bag at the bottom of the wall.

And for those who prefer parading with their clutches in a more stylish, the suggestion is to use two hands to carry them. Here it is worth choosing a beautiful glaze to accompany the accessory!