How to Use Little Black Dress

The black dress is one of the pieces that cannot be missing in any woman. The more you believe that this play will not be useful because it is not part of your style, will always be the day in which you will be invited to a party or event important and need a look. The black dress should be pretty basic and timeless, so good for all times.
Here are some tips on how to use this essential item:
The most basic model-straight race
Firstly, let’s start talking about the most useful models to have little wish in your closet, or to choose one even if you’re not very adept of the more classic style. The sleeveless dresses and with the straight cut are the most suitable, because they tend to look good on any body shape and fit the most diverse occasions.
Differentiated model-3/4 or long sleeves
Now, if you want something different, how about betting on a model with long sleeves or sleeve? This type of dress is ideal for those who live in regions of the country where temperatures are lower. Use this type of dress with tights in skin color or even black, so your look is super simple.
How to use:
You can use a black dress in a variety of ways, among them, the most basic, which is combining this piece with a basic footwear, as a peep toe or pointy or round of pumps in the colours black or nude. If the look for to work on composition with a blazer over it, which leaves the more suitable for the day, without losing the class.
If you need this same black dress for a party look, bet on a more sophisticated footwear, as a sandal with straps and ankle bracelet, or a pumps with glitters or even metallic material. Bet on flashy accessories that look so basic earn more call. The earrings with precious stones, as well as necklaces, are great choices.
And, if you have a cheap sundress more for everyday life, for example, a rodadinho dress, you can ride a super basic look and charm by combining the play with shoes with Leopard print, a recess calling him Jacques strap jeans and medium sized bag.