How to Wear a Satin Dress

Who does not remember the drawing of the Cinderelly, when she dances with the Prince and your dress is beautiful on one side to the other? A dream? That fabric is a drawing but surely if it were true would undoubtedly be of satin. Satin dresses are one of the looks more beautiful than any woman but mainly young, can use at a party or debutante ball.

Satin dresses are perfect for those parties of refinement and sophistication, with much luxury and chic from start to finish. Satin for who doesn’t know, is that fabric with natural luster and can be colored

and usually is a bit heavy. Used in ancient times to make pillows and curtains, satin is wonderful to become in beautiful satin dresses.

For those who are crazy to buy a beautiful party dress or rent, we give some tips of models and also how to rent and buy clothes and have the grace to wear a beautiful satin dress.

Satin features

Satin as has been said, is a shiny-looking cloth but matte that can be in various colors and is very chic and refined in any woman. Satin dresses generally are perfect to be worn by women of all types of silhouette, from chubby to the skinny, because he has a very uniform and perfect trim.

Fatties and skinnies

Women with any silhouette you can wear dresses defined on Physicscat, but must be taken into account some specifics before using satin dresses. In the case of skinny, if she is high the satin dress will have a very handsome drape and is indicated to use long dresses to show your time.

The skinny girls, satin dress should be short since for being a heavy fabric, leave an impression of greater weight in the production if it is long. The chubby girls, the tip is to use a medium sized dress and if the woman is high, use a template a bit longer. In the case of fatties, the use of short dresses should be a little careful, as it is he is long can flatten a little your visual. To stay cool and interesting, use a shorter dress but anything mini that your production will be much better.

The tip is always running away from models that enhance their imperfections and that values what you have, so it is imperative that if you want to use satin dresses you should wear several models until you find the color and the perfect model for you.

Satin & other fabrics

Satin can make much success alone, but is also free your use with other tissues.

The mousseline is a gentle fabrics that is perfect in party dresses and along with the satin is chic and beautiful. With mousseline as dress and having satin as lining and also with a detail outside the dress are good ideas.

Besides the mousseline satin can be used with thicker fabric but that in this case is not very suitable as it will leave your visual too heavy, to avoid this problem, use only dresses in satin or a fabric but lighter.

The more fit, plus it makes you

Want to be beautiful? So if you are looking to lose a few pounds, satin dresses will be really perfect in you. The satin has a trim straight and perfect that you can leave your body even more sensual and beautiful person. If you are with some love handles just use a strap pretty decent that the molds already solve this little problem.

The colors of the moment

The silver and black are colors that can never leave the taste of women who enjoy satin dresses. Just because these are dressed in classic colors, and in the case of your silver glitter is alive and clear and you a glare to the party or lounge.

Black is already that color that can not miss in taste and in anyone’s wardrobe, as it is a basic style and that the fatties inclusive, must know how to use.

In addition to these classic colors, the colors of the moment pass by the blue and dark blue, violet, purple, yellow and pink, causing immense success for where to spend with your satin dress. Other colors will be calling a lot of attention is the Orange and green.

Most requested models

Those who like to dress well, will enjoy these models of dress. Satin dresses are with the man of fashion, and many models short and long with some special details like side opening, loops and sleeves, in addition to only a handle or two with details of flowers and bows.

Total beauty

The models made with satin are wonderful and look good on just about all the women.If you have doubts that the model you have chosen or the color didn’t sit very well, try taking a friend with you who are honest and have a hint of adjustments or it’s not the appropriate template.

Always seek to value your body, as to what your total beauty highlights and not their imperfections, choose beautiful satin dresses, but never giving up taste, beauty and well-being when using them,