How to Wear Bandage Dress

The clothes adjusted to the body are women’s favorites. Very used in the 90 bandage dress became the “Darling” of the female audience due to play highlight and accentuate the feminine curves, leaving women with a slim figure. The bandage dress was named because the play is quite similar to a bandage to bandage it, namely, it looks like an elastic strap that wraps around the body.

Can be seen in dresses and skirts leaving women with a more feminine and extremely sexy. But to use the piece set the body properly without seeming vulgar, you should use the rule of compensation in your production: use the play set to the body with other larguinhas parts. That way, you will be able to conquer a sexy in the right measure.

Bandage dress as it is known internationally is characterized for being extremely short and just a dress to the body. Bandage dress as we are accustomed to hearing about has many rules and care on time to use them, especially women who are overweight.Therefore, must be indicated only for skinny women or for those who are with the body in full physical form.

The sexy sundress is made with several strips, which are then sewn together horizontally, vertically, diagonally and so on, depending on the model chosen. Contrary to what looks like a dress extremely suitable for the body, the play does not prevent the woman have their normal movements, on the contrary, the fabric is very soft, similar to a rubber band.

The short dress and just the thing to the body adds more sensuality to the visual of women, highlighting the feminine curves, besides leaving the men mad. That’s why we say that the bandage dress should only be used by women who are with the full body fitness not to accentuate the love handles and pulled. The dress is to let any man with the jaw dropped literally.

The dress model can be found in different styles, since the models of bandage strapless, with straps up the dresses with one shoulder only and many other models.But, in addition to the variety of models, colors also are endless, ranging from plain and patterned.

How to use the bandage dress?

Many celebrities have already joined the bandage dress to your visual, as Victoria Beckham with that body of envy to any woman and the dearest Beyoncé with flawless curves, among many other celebrities who have adopted the outfit to show off her curves on the red carpet’s most luxurious parties.

Bandage dresses in neutral colors can be combined perfectly with high-heeled Sandals black, white, champagne, silver and even more colorful shoes, since the bandage dress has a smooth pattern. The tip is the same for the jewelry and accessories. Remember to assign more sensuality to the visual, the bandage dress must be combined always with a high-heeled sandal.

If you are more discreet and want a more well-behaved can invest in more closed shoes and overlaps to form the visual, such as coats and jacket overlaying the exact dress to the body. To leave the production even more elegant invest in portfolios, the famous “clutches” and flashy jewelry. Bandage dress with romantic and delicate style should be used with lighter and feminine accessories. For the more embarrassed is worth even bet on a pantyhose.

The bandage dresses in vibrant tones and printed should be used with shoes in neutral colors and sober, as black, nude, white and Brown. If you want to dare a little more, it is worth using a shoe next to the color tone of the dress, but watch out for the accessories to keep the production charged too much. Complete production with jewels or jewelry more discreet, as well as the makeup that should be more natural.

Female production is even more elegant if the bandage dress is worn with a jacket or coat overlaid to the dress. That way, you will be able to conquer a production totally sensual, but at the same time elegant, but just right. So, if you’re skinny or is with the body in the form use and abuse of dresses shorts and body adjusted to enhance the curves and make her even sexier.