How to Wear Black Evening Dress

Beautiful and sexy in the evening? Go no further in the dressing room, the little black dress ensures the success! Classic, timeless and easy to transform, the fashion Queen knows how to adapt to all your parties and all styles. Just know… wear and accessorize it.

The right makeup of the little black dress night

It’s the must-have accessory: the evening, won’t botch her makeup! To wear your little black dress evening dress, a simple well applied smoky sometimes: the dark mist on your eyes contrast with the sobriety of your dress, the effect is guaranteed. Plan B? A beautiful lipstick colored, deep red, orange or fuchsia pink coral. If you’re going to dance, go for a lipstick long-wearing and fingerprint… unless you edit all night and drink through a straw!Be careful, however, to choose a camp for your dress: the smoky supported with a colored lipstick is usually too marked. Emphasize your eyes or your mouth, not both.

The afterwork of the little black dress

As for for the maxi evening dress, you can simply choose the right Accessories for your little black dress. Replace the pumps of the office by a pair of colorful ballerinas, toss your hair, apply a layer of more sustained makeup… and leave your bag at the office, to prefer a sleeve trend maintained in a desk drawer!

A romantic evening dress

For a romantic dinner, replace the jacket by a sexy shawl that slides on the shoulders, and put on your finest pumps to liven up your little black dress. Jewels, prefer the dangling earrings that quiver with each movement, and a long necklace or pendant flicking cleavage… don’t forget to choose with care the lingerie under her dress!

The little black dress with friends

A party with friends? Accompany your LBD a jacket that is long and straight, fancy tights and boots trend. If necessary, plan a large bag to leave in the room of friends, with a vest and ballerinas to spare… You never know where can lead the party dress !

A concert for evening dress

The evening promises to stir: tonight, you and your party dress to attend a concert. Forget the little black dress elegant, reinvent it in sexy comfortable! A pair of high tops, black leggings and a big jacket on the side of hip-hop with a cap for final touch. A rock concert? Dare the opaque tights in the boots bikers with the little black dress, put on a perfecto and a satchel slung. It is an opera? Fast, pumps, plumetis tights and a long necklace!

When the little black dress will dance…

And if you go dancing, precisely? Play on glitter, veils and lace to accompany your evening dress and heeled sandals! Attention, however, to long and dangling jewelry that dreaming with every movement. Also, choose a small pouch Sling, rather than ahandbag, to move without hindrance.