How to Wear Envelope Dress

Good morning! You wake up, you have to make breakfast, go to the gym, have a meeting at work after lunch and work until the end of the day and your runs and runs here over late at night when the fatigue no longer makes. This rush of everyday life, we need clothes that we value, hide imperfections and are practical and fast to use, so use the envelope dress is so comfortable, beautiful and have all that practicality that current and modern life asks for all women.

The envelope dress is a dress is a feature full opening in front and closing with buttons or zipper and having a track on hip height to make the stylish body and acinturado. Created in the 70 by Diane Von Furstenberg, a Belgian fashion designer, envelope-dress photos, templates and tips doesn’t fall into disuse or fashion and now more than ever fell in like almost every Brazilian.

Dress envelope values the female body

The Brazilian women certainly loved this plus size dress (see because it is a type of dress that can be used in any event since formal to casual and social and more free of stereotypes. The envelope-Dress photos, templates and tips calls our attention, because unlike many models of dresses, the envelope aims to enhance the female body.

That track is placed on hip height, when well placed can outrun, or let your butt less clear, everything is logical, will also depend on the color of the dress that is being used.

 Most commonly used colours and fabrics

The colors of the dresses can be varied, and in fashion currently is normal view envelope dress in black, Brown, red, blue and white. The most common fabrics for making parts are the Jersey, satin, silk and others.

Other types of Dress Envelope

The dress envelope may also be called that when a single dress straight, however at the time of the cleavage that he’s on top of each other. Is very interesting and beautiful and this kind of dress is more stylish and romantic, and can be used for more formal events.

What are the accessories to be used with envelope Dress

He is a beautiful and elegant accessories need to be even more posh. In fact, the accessories have the power to stop any more elegant clothes and in the case of the dress, the accessories envelope will boom the air more of sophistication and charm.

Use necklaces or Choker and it’s not too big and heavy, let your visual well lighter, especially if the fabric and the color of your dress is dark. Already in the bracelet, she can be greater and very apparent, everything to get attention if you have a portfolio that will leave your hands look even more chic and daring.

Most commonly used envelope dress shoes

The shoes can be from high heels to one of low pitch. Avoid using Sandals especially if you are a person short in stature. Sandals, assandalhados, eakle boots and boots are wonderful with dress envelope, as well as a beautiful open toed pumps.

All the women look good with Dress envelope?

Yes, but depending on the fabric of the dress, it could be that the lowest and fatties don’t look so well. In this case the less heavy the fabric better and if the dress is above the knee is being ideal.

Tall women and thin look good with any fabric, color and size. If you are very tall and skinny and don’t have a lot of breast or butt, the heavier the fabric as the jaccard, the better the effect he will give in your body.

Perfect for winter and summer

Is to be used in the winter that is to be used in the summer, which is perfect in the body of the woman who wears dress envelope is always a lighter or heavier depending on the weather and season. The colder, warmer fabric and preferably with a length a little bigger may be the solution.

In summer, this model of dress looks beautiful if used with fabrics such as silk which is very light and comfortable as being natural and beautiful. In the case of satin, the combination of fabric and the model is perfect to be used at parties and events.

The dress Sweetheart of the pregnant women

One of the biggest problems of a pregnant woman and find a suit that fits him and stay cool as before pregnancy. As your belly grows, the range of clothes is limited and that idea of using only maternity clothes gets boring and very common.

The dress envelope is a special part that women who are pregnant should seek to use because it has an opening or rubber band in front, in addition to the track that demarcates the belt, let the most beautiful pregnant body and not as straight as it’s normal to be over the months until the end of the pregnancy.

See how the envelope dress is practical and sophisticated at the same time? Any woman will be fine with a model of this. Use and abuse of them next season!