How to Wear Long Dresses

Every woman likes to be beautiful and well lit, but knowing combine colors and use certain models and who value the body, is often much more difficult than it seems. After all, the female wardrobe is as varied as possible, the multitude of colors and combinations, can confuse the head of any woman.

The clothes can be divided into seasons. Summer calls for lighter clothes and let you more fresh, yellow leaves look more cheerful and bright. Winter requires heavier clothes, such as crochet and wool, and warm colors, such as red. Spring, the season of flowers, make clothes with floral prints, light dresses and colors like pink and blue.Autumn asks Brown, white and black. And the combinations are as many as one can imagine.

Another viable way of choosing what to wear, is thinking about the times and places.Every occasion calls for a certain type of chic sundresses, formal or informal, as well as for each place you go, like for example the work environment, not just any clothes that are suitable for the job.

A garment very dear and valued by most women, is the dress. But if you still have fears and doubts of how and where to use this play, check out the tips that we brought to you and work using the dresses that suits you and that you like best.

Types of dresses

Before I teach you how to use the long dresses, we’ll show you the types of dresses you can choose. Colors, designs, and fabrics.

Wrong who think that there is only one long dress model. See below for models:

A-line spaghetti strap dresses

The long dresses with spaghetti straps are very traditional. Most commonly used by women due to your convenience and freedom of colors and fabrics. Besides the majority be enough viable for use on any occasion.

Dresses with Sleeves

Long dresses are usually not very chosen.

Strapless dress

Strapless models are preferred by women. The seriousness of the long gown comes in contrast with the strapless and leaves look more romantic.

Halter dress

Long Halter dresses are quite stylish and sophisticated. Usually used by women who have attitude and are modern.

Dresses with Cleavage

The dresses with cleavage must be used very carefully. V-necks are better in women who don’t have a lot of bust, avoiding the risk of being vulgar or exaggerated.

How to use long dresses

The long dresses don’t have many restrictions on the use. But some care should be taken so that you avoid some discomforts. During the day, the best long dresses should be those of spaghetti straps and strapless, mesh fabrics are the most suitable, because they are fresher, especially if it is in the summer or spring. Choose models with more subtle prints if they are smooth, the color tones can be vibrant as the yellow, more delicate as pink and romantic as the red.

For the night, spaghetti strap dresses and strapless also can be used with more accessories. As maxi necklaces, high heels and even blazers and coats, depending on the climate and the occasion.

Sleeve dresses, so how long average, must be used exclusively at night. The black color blends with this model of dress and leaves look more elegant. The applications of income on the sleeves are also accepted and can be used for a ballad or an event that requires a more sophisticated outfit.
Colors like purple, Orange and green should be used very carefully. Search for combine accessories sober and neutral colors if the dress is in any of these colors.

That occasion use the long dresses?
Long dresses are a great alternative for almost any occasion.

Dresses for College

The best options are the wedding dresses spaghetti straps or strapless, preferably those that have a light pattern, such as floral, discrete color and that is of a cooler fabric. The flats look great and complete the visual. Avoid using heavy accessories and prefer bags that follow the same offer light and stripped.

Dresses for Wedding

Long dresses are parts that are always present in marriages. There are no restrictions on the use of these dresses on this occasion, you need to be careful is with the excesses of brightness and applications. Long dresses that are run should be avoided not to engage in “fight” with the dress of the bride. As well as very clear colors, such as white (which should be avoided accordingly), cream and beige, too.

Dresses for Formal Events

For more formal events, such as dinners, engagement party and work meetings, long dresses can be further processed. Choose models with glitter and bet on accessories and high heels. Jackets and boleros can complement the look and make it more elegant, besides being great to protect themselves from the cold while still being elegant.

Dresses for tours and other commitments

The tours during the day, follow the same pattern of College. The best models are the freshest and stripped, the accessories should be light and not too much brightness and the embossed dominate all models. Night tours are calling for stronger accessories like necklaces and heavier earrings. The dresses of darker colors look great for the night, be it for a meeting between friends, a dinner with the boyfriend and even to watch a show.

Long dresses are so used to be practical and provide greater comfort, especially for the day to day saw how to use long dresses is easier than it looks? How about out of the closet that long gown that you don’t use. Enjoy this play never goes out of style and work using the model that you like with these tips brought to you.