How to Wear Maxi Dresses

Marlene tried it

New look – old questions. Can I use that? How do I do that? Author Marlene Sørensen a fashionable self-experiment ventures every month. Her current case: the Maxi-length

Recently I got an email from my friend Louisa: “anywhere on the fashion blogs I see floor length dresses.” Do I need one now? Is this not impractical?”

To answer these questions: since I this morning, started to think about this text, my floor length dress caught three times in the desk chair, I stumbled about and have released a dozen curses, as in my coffee cup on the bottom slice rattled. I would have to mop up the stain with the

hem. But when the second function as Muzz would be an argument for a piece of maxi sundress, you could wrap up right in a sorted-out sheets. Best to not wear as a dress, if you must do something. Or when on the road ten centimeters of slush lies (which Depp himself made, to buy up the best in January for the summer?). The designer had a woman in the head, which wasted the livelong day on a sun lounger by the pool, while drinking margaritas and bossed the staff sure for long dresses and skirts. This is nice, but not suitable for a life without pool.

On the other hand: Why should one want to be regarded as someone chooses his clothes only after that, whether it is practical? In jeans and sneakers, you might comes after the thousand things which we must create every day. For this, it also looks as if you were constantly on the go. A dress in which you can’t see his own feet, forcing for strolling. You can have also a stuffed handbag, for one, needs a hand if necessary, to raise the hem that others, which include to maintain the balance in the high sandals, so a dress. Rather than to scramble on the bike, you notice when walking, as the fabric around the bare legs swinging – a feeling of summer, not a mini skirt gives a. Until it is ready, you can wear the dress in winter: as a blanket for the legs, if you read fashion blogs on the sofa. How convenient.

Styling tips:

  • Bring a full-length dress with a narrow-cut jacket or a short jumper on Figure
  • Flowing Jersey fabrics are the most elegant.Beware of thick cotton! Is rather wider than slim
  • The old wisdom that high heels make a great silhouette, is true in this case