How to Wear Party Dress in Winter

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Gurias! What to use as a wrap-up party dress. Now in winter it gets complicated, huh? Samara – Porto Alegre – RS.

Hi, Samara. All right?! You’re absolutely right: the winter requires a warm complement to the party. But, first, to choose the sweater right, think if the event really need something hot, if you will need to use the add-on during the party. For example, most are air-conditioned environments, meaning you will only feel cold on the street, the House to the car, the car to the location. For these cases, you can use up to a normal Cardigan that you use on a daily basis, and take it off when you get to the party, without any problem because it won’t even show up. Already if you want to compose the add-on with the costume, it takes a little more attention.

We love fur coats-fake, of course – that can be long or short, as both marry well with any length of dress. Yes. A short jacket can look great with a red long dress through, and vice versa: a long can be perfect with a short dress. You can also use a casaqueto structured and elegant, like a Chanel style. Another alternative are the stoles, which can be of various materials, Velvet skin, wool silk matelassada (forradinha and warm). Always prefer neutrals (black, gray, nude) for the coats. They are without error. If you’re a little more daring, is another tip: invest in a piece of contrasting color or even stamped like an animal print. Can print extra personality to your dress. Happy holidays!