How to Wear Pencil Dress

Pencil Dress: rather working girl or glamorous woman?

Since Kim Kardashian no longer leaves her look of sexy working girl in pencil dress and high heels, all the most fashionable people of the planet have taken again this ultra trendy look, everyday as on the red carpets. It is that Kim is a wise fashionist who rarely commits an odd style. So, for you too to take ownership of this sophisticated and glamorous dress, follow our advice, you will soon be recognized as the beautiful stylish kid that you have always been.

First, the pencil dress knows all the cuts and all the styles, it is up to you to choose yours according to the envy and the mood of the moment. Initially launched with the combination crop top and pencil skirt high waist, pencil dress is now available in a dress room, with or without cutouts, transparent, silk or lace, sporty or chic, you brief the Embarrassment of choice!

The pencil dress is suitable for all morphologies

Then, beautiful Kim shows us well, the pencil dress goes to all morphologies. From the most busty to the longest, small or large, you can adopt the pencil dress look without risking the faux-pas fashion. For this, some simple rules: first the pencil robe stops traditionally under the knee, to revisit the style secretary sexy dress. But this cup cups the silhouette. For the smaller ones, instead choose a pencil skirt model with a very high waist and cut just above the knee, which will lengthen the silhouette and you will sculpt a body of siren. For the more round, pencil dress is the perfect dress to play on your glamorous and pulpy side. In real fashionista, you will choose a pencil dress well marked at the waist and split on the side, worn with high heels, fatal woman effect assured!

Finally, in pencil dress do not be afraid of the craziest combinations, the whole crop top and pencil skirt is so fashionable that it can afford all the extravagances. For example, dare the animal prints associated with the most chic heels for a wild ultra sexy look. Or make yourself a sporty chic look and wear your pencil dress under a sweatshirt with turned up sleeves. With oversized glasses and XXL jewelry you will not be able to miss you.