How to Wear Robe

Light, soft, air… She has more of a look! Sometimes chic, Bohemian or romantic, it remains more than ever a trend piece, to adopt urgently!

Stop at conventional wisdom: not the robe is not reserved for special occasions and no fake fashion you won’t if you choose the model that suits to your morphology.

What dress to what morphology?
If you are tall (from 1.70 m) and slim: with his slender, long dress tends to lengthen the silhouette, so hide the forms, and give an effect of thinness. So, to mitigate this verticality, choose a model in extra soft cotton: the air side of the fabric brings a feeling of volume. Bet also on a model fantasy with Ruffles under the chest, gathers on the bust and the reasons: to give a little more volume to the whole.

If you are smaller: it is important to avoid Pack your silhouette with a model too wide and wispy. So opt for a straight cut with a fluid fabric. Lie your silhouette by pulling your shoulders. The best? Turn to a bustier cut. Finally, be aware that light colors and patterns tend to get bigger: bet so preferably on a United and dark fabric.

If you have generous curves: the long dress is THE dress you need to conceal some curves and put your best foot forward, says Try a model “pyramid”, belt under the chest: a parade perfect to hide your hips. Prefer a light and fluid fabric that doesn’t fit your silhouette. Finally, forget the reasons. A single watchword: sobriety.

What accessories to look?
Chic, Bohemian or romantic, the robe was more of a style. In fact, depends on the Accessories with which you decide to wear.
For a chic and sober look, perfect for the evening, opt for a straight cut. Dark colors are a great value and the discreet sequins at the level of the neck bring irresistible femininity. In this case, accessorize with a necklace and a pair of fine earrings. At your feet, a nice pair of shoes.
For a Bohemian look, opt for a filmy robe. Bet on details: the arabesques, the gathering grounds. Accessorize with earrings in pen, a braided leather belt, a pair of sandals with compensated heels and a handbag in woven cotton or leather with thin fringes.
For a romantic look, spotlight on a fluid fabric model. Prefer pastels such as pink, blue, green or beige. Bet on details like laces, embroideries, the Liberty yokes. At your feet, a pair of sandals style Spartan.

Fashion missteps
-Fantasy, we said yes, as long as you avoid the total look motifs, sequins, embroidery and lace. Make a choice to ensure a maximum of elegance,
If you are big (more than 1.70 m), forget the high heels with a long dress: prefer flats or heels of 3 cm.
-The Bohemian look, ok, a total look Esmeralda, very little for you. So, avoid the long dress with a stole and a pair of clogs.