How to Wear Ruffle Dress

The frills are present in most pieces of women’s clothing for a long time. The frills are details that make all the difference in a piece of clothing, but it is a mistake to think that the frill emerged recently, quite the contrary, he began to emerge around the Old Media and was considered synonymous with refinement and money. However, in those days the frills were not only used in women’s clothing, but especially in men’s clothing.

It was over time that the frill was assigned as unique detail female parts, being seen in dresses, gloves, hair accessories, in lingerie, anyway, the frill is just a detail, but it makes all the difference in the look and feel of

women, leaving the production much more elegant and full of movement. The spoon when used correctly helps enhance the strengths of the body and disguise the negatives.

The frills are present in party dresses, on the street and at work, so if we use the spoon in the right place, can exude style and elegance for any occasion because it adds more charm to any female piece. Check out the tips below on how to use them properly.

Frilly dresses-how to use

The spoon can be used for all kinds of women, since you know how to use them in the appropriate place so you don’t have problems. The first tip is valid for all chubby women, skinny, high and low. The frill may not be used on more than one piece, otherwise is considered total overkill, and can even leave your body disproportionate, because the ruffles add measures in silhouette, especially the cheap sundress. Women need to think long and hard before buying dresses with Ruffles, in these cases the mirror and your common sense are your best friends.

For women with small breasts who want to add volume in this region, should invest in pieces of clothing and dresses with ruffled front or above the breasts. In addition to providing more volume for that region, the spoon will bring the full attention of your visual for your lap. In the case of women with breasts too must prevent pieces of clothing and dresses with Ruffles in this region. If you have a small waist and want to let it better still, valuing this region can add ruffles at the waist, but remember only women with very thin waist can use frills in this region.

Especially women with big hips should avoid the ruffles at the waist, as will a bigger hip effect, leaving the body totally deforming and, I’m sure that’s not your intention, isn’t it?So, if you have wide hips, invest in dresses with Ruffles on the sleeves, this way you will create an illusion that your shoulders are commensurate with your hip.

If you are overweight and you like using pieces of clothing and dresses with Ruffles, the tip is to invest in frilly dresses only in the bar, because that will be valued are his legs, leaving the rest of the body fully balanced and harmonious. The frill may also be a great ally for women wishing to disguise the love handles, to this add frills to another part of the body other than the belly. For example, you can invest in the ruffles in the lap. So, when a person looks at you, the main focus of the look on her face and that will call more attention to your visual will be the neck.

Another hint to use the frills properly goes to the man who has little butt and you want to add a few centimetres more, for that bet on dresses with Ruffles on the butt. You can find in the shops and storefronts of various types of women’s clothing frills, some have greater thickness and with looser drape, others with lower thickness and a trim more close, leaving the frill more bulky and slow. The current trend is to invest in ruffles with lace and lighter fabrics, so invest in this detail to make their productions more glamorous and full of charm