How to Wear the Black Dress

Sold as the essential wardrobe, the little black dress is made for everyone? Yes, but under certain conditions. Virginie Chanson, penderiologue, gives his advice for any mistake.

Contrary to what you think, black is not at all to anyone! On the contrary, he goes to very few women because it tends to dig, to strengthen shadows of a face and so tired features!
The black dress is now so considered the must have and the anti bad taste by excellence that everyone has an and the risk is to be neutral, and does not stand out… Especially if you wear it with black shoes and accessories.

3 Tips for wear it well:

-Accessories near the face type necklace/earrings ears or makeup in shades that highlight your face, the chic sundress can be worn even if black is not the basis of your best friend.

-To make your black dress, fun to wear with shoes sneakers for a less classic look or color.

-If you want to make it less classic, avoid the coat and prefer the leather, denim, suede jacket or a big mesh vest.

Our expert Council: the real advantage of the black dress, it is that it is a bit like a backdrop, neutral on which the artist that you can express themselves with makeup, accessories, and shoes! The rendering depends on you!