How to Wear the Little Black Dress

To be beautiful in the evening, the appropriate party outfit this is the little black dress. Sober, classy and sexy, the little black dress is a basic, a true classic that you wear easily. The trick is to accessorize it. Here are tips from Cosmo to wear your black dress for the occasion.

The little black dress is the piece of essential mode. It represents the bulk of what is expected in a garment: simplicity, elegance and sufficiency. You radiate as you did almost nothing. Put on a little black dress is simple, no-brainer, no dump desperate dressing room looking for the right outfit.

If this version seems too perfect, can also complicate the preparation. You put on your little black dress, of course because you feel so pretty in it, but the story does not stop there.

We must choose between black or coloured tights, boots or pumps, vote for your favourite jewel, choose the right handbag or the cover that goes well, the jacket or the coat in Shearling. Anyway, this isn’t the little black dress posing problem but well what we’re wearing.

You do not know how to wear the little black dress? Don’t worry, Cosmo gives you clues to accessorize your little black dress and get to both your evening.

Before you put on her dress black, consider first what you wear underneath. A body in lace C & has is probably the most appropriate if you have an a bit too plunging neckline. Is avoided of course if you are wearing a Black bustier dress reviewed by GROWTHEOLOGY. If you opt for a casual black dress, a small t-shirt Monoprix will work fine.

Side Accessories, you have to choose the one of your jewelry. The large rings are trends. You’ll love the ring in dark silver and rhinestones of Mango. As long as to do at Mango, it also takes the metal cuff bracelet hyper trend and easy to wear.

Depending on your dress, you can accessorize it with a belt. Feel free to do tests to compare styles. Choose a wide belt to wear on the size for a trendy retro look or a golden chain Sinequanone belt that you wear on your hips.

The handbag is the flagship of an outfit accessory. For an evening, we’d obviously rather small bags, and even the covers of evening. Leather, Python, metal, materials are varied. For effect rhinestones and glitter, we take a similipython pouch gold at Naf Naf or easy to eventually cover metal mirror Lancaster.

It’s not easy to know what shoes with your healthy hand. For an evening, we often hesitate to wear heels, flats or boots. The little black dress allows different looks. Enjoy to choose your shoes according to your evening. If you are not afraid to walk up perched, dare boots leather heels 3 Suisses. You can even wear with these boots from long socks Golden mesh at Mango for a look even more offbeat. To be on top but flat, ballerinas leatherette varnished at Moa are their little effect.

Finally with this cold, we get out the long coat, Shearling coat, or just the jacket. It’s the return of the tweed. Morgan offers us a version of the black tweed jacket, ideal to wear with a little black dress.