How to Wear Vintage Clothes to Office

For the professionals of the fashion, vintage is the next level. At the office, it allows you to have a unique look with pieces that you will not see on anyone else. To you to keep the balance not to have disguised air.

Choose your vintage pieces

Prefer tidy shops, well organized, in which it will be easy to examine the documents propose and evaluate their potential office head cold. If you live in Lille, Paris or Lyon or are passing through one of these cities, I recommend you go to theshop Tilt vintage. They have a lot of choice, the items are tidy and in good condition. It is in this bouitique I unearthed the shirt I’m wearing in the pictures.

Beware of cuts and sizes: the vintage piece should be fall and you develop. Next, make sure that room keeps a classic look to link with your working girl’s wardrobe: neutral colors such as blue and white and then a classic cut such as a trench coat or shirt. It will be easier to take a time out of the frame vintage store, such as Even more than in other purchases, striving to visualize the parts you already have and imagine associations.

Stick to your style

Opt for classic cut pieces professional locker room, as the shirt, the trench coat, the coat, the pencil skirt etc. but with a pattern or style quietly recalling a bygone Decenie. It’s easy then to match that and assume the office.

Bid on a kind of clothing you used to wear to work, so that everything remains natural. A vintage pencil skirt will be less shocking to your professional environment, even in a color or material exiting the ordinnaire, if they have already used to seeing you often skirt.

So bet on parts for your style and personality. Vintage allows you simply to introduce a change in your style. If you are afraid to plant you rather bet on an accessory such as a bag, belt or scarf (if you wear this type of accessory).

Match your vintage clothing to create modern office outfits

For the office, you must avoid at all costs appear disguised. These stand out with an individual look and flattering, no subject of jokes in the coffee machine.

So mix your vintage pieces to more traditional clothes, modern, you usually wear to work. Out of the question to bring to the office a “total look 70” with beige suede fringed bag, pants legs eph and a lace blouse. The fringed bag will however be perfect with slim jeans black / raw denim, simple gold jewelry and a white blouse / blue sky / scratched.

Do you wear vintage pieces to work? Are you able to easily match them?