How to Wear Waist Belt

A great ally of any woman without doubt is the belt. It is an accessory that has the most varied possibilities, ranging from holding pants even to letting a woman more feminine on the waist. It is an accessory that never goes out of fashion. Their varied models satisfy the taste of every woman. So, this is the belt. The proof is that a woman rarely has one, usually have at least one of each model. Thin, wide, big buckle, small, made with different materials does not matter, what matters is you use this means to get the best he can offer to lift your look.

How are varied, sometimes we get a little lost in knowing the function of each of them, after all is normal sometimes we stay in doubt on how to use belts, come to think of it I decided to give this tip showing a little bit and with the composing each, meet the main models now:

The thin belt with delicate details is perfect for romantic women lady like style, which are ideal to mark the waist without creating an excessive volume.

The wide belt looks great in loose dresses and without structure to mark on the hip or be used with pants or shorts.

The flat belt with buckle is always in most classic looks that have dealer, turns any basic look a more sophisticated.

The leopard belt is ideal for women tired of the ordinary, and prefer a little more daring.

The metal belt emerged and gained the preference of women, is elegant even in a gala party. By having a rigid structure, it is used multiple times in party dresses or a look more at night. And when you know these tip what you will use the weekend? Not yet? To give a little help I prepared a special gallery to help you assemble the look of the weekend.