HP Partners with Titan to Launch Another Smart Watch

HP recently unveiled a new partnership with Movado, one of the largest Swiss luxury watch companies, to develop a new smart watch. But that did not end there, the company just announced another partnership.

This time the partnership was with the fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world, Titan; there will be more of a smart watch for consumers in the luxury market.

The new smartwatch aims to bring technology that provides productivity, but in a non-intrusive way. This is the first time Titan is producing a wearable smart device, and will probably be the first of many.

Despite the new partnership, none of the companies revealed many details about the product specifications, price or release date. But a spokesman for HP suggested that consumers should wait a little before the final version starts to be sold in the market.

HP Smart Watch

“HP is reinventing the experience consumers have with everyday accessories, making existing objects smarter through innovative materials, design and technology, to keep people connected to the way they live today,” said Managing Director, General of wearable devices from HP, Sridhar Solur.

Now Titan is entering the market for smart watches, as well as other giants like Tag Heuer and Movado. Titan is already known for its bold design and high quality products, now the technology will be one of the benefits offered to its consumers.