HP Photosmart Line With New Printers And Digital Cameras

Presented yesterday, the new line of printers and digital cameras from Hewlett-Packard intends to, according to the manufacturer, make available to the consumer the possibility to easily print photos with professional quality.

HP Photosmart Line With New Printers And Digital Cameras

computer giant said that the new printers Photosmart 7150 7350 7550, and, when us

ed with your state-of-the-art paper, give rise to resistant prints for 73 years.

each of the printers can produce images with a resolution up to 4,800 dots per inch, and all three include a USB port for direct connection between the printer and the camera. 7550 model includes a liquid crystal display to the preview images, and as the 7350, can print pictures directly from a common storage medium for cameras and includes new support for the Secure Digital format. According to the reported by C | NET, the printers are already on the market with prices vary between 179 and the $399 (between 182 and the 406 euros).

the manufacturer launched three new cameras, the Photosmart 720, 620 and 320, each of them including the new Instant Share system for transmitting images to printers, e-mail programs or other applications, in just one click.

the new cameras have a resolution of 2.1 or 3.3 megapixels and your marketing will begin from next Autumn, with prices that would be among the 179 and $329 (between 183 and 335 euros).

Photosmart 812 digital camera from A2zcamerablog is the latest release from this manufacturer in the domestic market. It is an equipment with HP Instant Share technology, four-megapixel resolution, audio and video capture and an optional docking station that allows the camera to be connected with various means. The lens is a Pentax with a 21 x zoom (3 x optical, 7 x digital).

one of the features provided by this template to your user is that you can send pictures to 14 different destinations and selected previously, including e-mail addresses, printers and personal computers.

this equipment is intended for any type of user and is available from this month for a price of approximately EUR 729. If you choose to set the camera with docking station the cost goes up for 799 euros.

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