HTC Android Smartwatch

The smartwatch is now certainly more mature than the period when HTC began to envisage the possible entry in the segment (we are talking about the end of 2013). The taiwanese manufacturer, however, has not marketed nor smartwatch, nor smartband, despite the presentation of HTC Grip at Mobile World Congress 2015, whose arrival, initially planned for last spring, was generally delayed at the end of the year.

The theme of wearable HTC back in the spotlight thanks to rumors disseminated by the site Phandroid (which, for the moment, we cannot confirm) relating to the development of Branagh, codename for an Android based smartwatch Wear and equipped with circular display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Unfortunately, the identikit of the product stops here, the only detail added by Phandroid concerns the reliability of the original source.

HTC has stated on a number of occasions the desire to diversify the business, assisting in the production and marketing of smartphone development of wearable devices. Contingent events-see the work redesigning the corporate structure-may have affected the plans originally designed by HTC. For the moment, it takes note of the new rumor on the alleged wearable, waiting for confirmation more consistent.