HTC Aria, The Phone Android More Small?

HTC is very hard-working, at least to draw telephones. On this occasion we have a first leak from an Android device, qualifying one of “Photoshop” of the HTC Incredible, I think that you it’s a real phone, and I share with you the images and their possible name: HTC Aria.

Apparently the HTC Aria will be part of the line of the American operator AT & T phones, and It has as main feature small size, as you can see in the images, compared with a credit card.

The source of the news informs us that it uses Android 2.1, and as it would not be of another form, the user interface HTC Sense. Despite their size they have not had problem to choose one 5 megapixel camera, and the inclusion of a jack connector for headphones.

From Android Guys inform us that it is the phone smaller Android I have seen, could have a screen of 2.55 inches as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 Mini, but with a slimmer appearance. Others suggest that the screen is somewhat larger, in the line of the HTC Tattoo, with 2.8 inch.

We can see in the pictures that used an already normal optical trackpad on the phones of the Taiwanese company, and under the screen navigation buttons are touch.

It is expected that it be presented June 7, so not much more to learn about this little device officially.