HTC Desire HD, 4.3 Inch and Aluminum Body?

As I have been progressing yesterday, six phones HTC has prepared for the remainder of the year, one of them is the HTC Ace, which now seems to know as HTC Desire HD. The tagline of the name haven’t arrived by any specification in particular, would rather say that they have chosen it for the new screen size: 4.3 inch.

If we take into account that the size of the original Desire screen, 3.7 inch, the increase is important, also left little doubt that the technology chosen will not be AMOLED, but S-LCD, the first evidence of this is that the sent to the Canadian operator Bell Desire already do not have Samsung screens.

Leaving aside unrealistic specs that we had the opportunity to meet for the first time, now we get other very similar to the Desire with the mentioned increase in screen. Let’s review them, by taking into account that there is nothing confirmed:

HTC Desire HD, do a hybrid Legend-Desire?

The camera module seems to be the same that we find on the Droid Incredible with 8 megapixel camera, with the ability to record video in high definition (720 p). The processor stays at 1 GHz, when there was initially talk of a dual-core 1. 3 GHz.

The phone will be with 4GB internal memory, and the most interesting, could use a design similar to the one used in the HTC Legend, of a single piece made of aluminium. I guess that I will not be the only one who had thought of a hybrid between Legend and Desire with larger screen dimensions.

Strange that they do not mention a front camera for video calls or an HDMI output, so in vogue in the latest cutting-edge developments Android.

Turning to the subject software, it will not leak Android 2.2 with Flash support, and is expected to show Europe as a target market in the month of October.