HTC Desire, HD Mini and Legend in April with Vodafone

The presentation of HTC It began with congratulations on the Chinese new year, and would not be otherwise, with Peter Chou at the head. After the typical words on it rather than going to the company, we enter in the field with the new HTC Sense.

The renewal of the interface HTC Sense It will be available for some phones that we currently have on the market (safe Hero), and seems to be the best way to introduce to the terminals that we present to you. But yes, not to mention at any time of Windows Phone 7, He alluded several times.

The new one HTC Sense He is a friend of multitouch possibilities on the screen, unless the terminals Android, introducing features such as “Leap” that presents all in one desktops with a simple gesture.

Other present novelties are “Friend Stream”, is a new social networking aggregator widget, we also have a new reader RSS (with widget), and improvements in web browser.

HTC Legend

I was little we did not know about this terminal, called to be successor of the successful HTC Hero, only had to see him in his final appearance, and details how confirmed that its main structure, made in a single piece of aluminium.

The first improvement that we find with regard to Hero is the introduction of a AMOLED screen of 3.2 inches, a pity that continues the same resolution (HVGA), the processor also has been renovated and operates 600 MHz, which we hope to have more details on these days. Last comment that also has been replaced the trackball with an optical trackpad.

Other specifications include the 384MB of RAM available, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus camera, and dimensions 112 × 56.3 × 11.5 mm (126 grams).

The operating system under HTC Sense is Android 2.1, and we have included some new widgets like “ Friend Stream ”, which presents updates of your contacts on social networks. In the absence of image gallery, I leave you with a great video:

HTC Desire

The most important presentation Android phone is without a doubt the HTC Desire, twin brother of the Nexus One, and comes to be at the top of the range of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Fortunately we get to meet the AMOLED screen of 3.7 inches, and 1 GHz Snapdragon chipset.

Let’s see what so you feel HTC Sense to hardware as of the Nexus One, the functioning and possibilities, both in future updates. Another new feature found in the presence of a trackpad instead of trackball that we are accustomed to seeing on the HTC, I think that this change was already being necessary, provided that the new system is equal to or more efficient.

Logically has with Android 2.1, and reference was also made during his presentation that you’re ready for support Flash version 10.1. In terms of expected specifications, we are sure that you’ll know that he has 576 MB of RAM and 512 MB ROM.

The battery chosen for the occasion is 1400 MAH, and the dimensions of the terminal are 119 X 60 X 11.9 mm, with a weight of 135 grams. I leave you with a picture gallery and a video for you you know in detail:

See complete gallery» HTC Desire (5 photos)


We leave to the end the reduced version of the HTC HD2, I am sure that he had spent any mind taking into account the generous dimensions of the original terminal. On this occasion we are with a screen of 3.2 inch HVGA resolution.

Account with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 as an operating system, and with the new version of HTC Sense user interface. Accompany with the required Gallery so that you can see in detail the new terminal:

See complete gallery» HTC HD Mini (6 photos)

The camera is 5 megapixels and has autofocus, the dimensions of the appliance are 103.8 X 57.7 X 11.7 mm, with a weight of 110 grams. With regard to memory offers 512 MB of ROM and 384 MB RAM.

It has not lost any of its functionalities in miniaturization, and even comes with new software that allows you to convert the device at a point of WiFi connectivity from your connection 3 G. Let’s see the video presentation of the own HTC:

Vodafone is done with the three

Vodafone It appeared on the scene to tell us that it will be the operator responsible for bringing the 3 terminals to market, and we will have them with us the month of April, for now nothing price.

Taking advantage of the move, Vodafone and HTC have decided to include the service. Vodafone 360 in HTC Legend, and other terminals not defined.

On the one hand the presence I think positive of Vodafone, with the HTC Magic has done a great job, and is a tour operator with a good deal in their rates, they don’t like me they are both possible customizations or software that incorporated into the terminals, as it now seems determined with some.

The Conference was short and direct, giving way to the terminals of a form more practice, we hope soon to tell you impressions about them. If you are curious how it went, and draw your own conclusions, I leave you with the complete video of the Conference: