Htc Makes 10 Evo on Iphone 7

With the 10 Evo, HTC releases a new noble smart phone, which is a cheaper, slightly scaled-down big version of the top cell phones HTC 10. An evolution is the unit but only in one respect-as far as you can get away with omitting as progress.

The HTC is a very unusual offshoot of the excellent HTC 1010 Evo. It is not a “mini”, even a “Lite”, but somehow have a upper-class Smart phone via ejinhuac. As good as the HTC 10, it’s not, but definitely has its advantages and special features.

The housing is milled as the flagship model from billet aluminum, and has the characteristic wide polished edges.The processing is excellent and the device feels like an upper-class Smart phone. Unlike the HTC 10, the EVO is also dust-and water-proof, according to IP57, it keeps out a short immersion. That has made HTC but with the abandonment of the Jack. Like the iPhone 7, also the Evo has only a single port for charging, data transmission and the headphone.

Individual Sound

The supplied headset has a C plug and exploited the advantages according to HTC offers this connection to the Jack. The headphones scan among other things the ear canals of the user and individually adjust the sound properties for each ear. The test will only show if it works.

The display makes a strong first impression. It offers a high resolution of QHD as the flagship and ppi very sharp with 534. The screen should hold a lot, because it is already protected by the new Gorilla glass 5.

The camera of the Evo offers a higher resolution than you snapping of HTC 10, that comes to 12 megapixels with 16 megapixels. However, the pixels at the flagship are larger. The auto-focus the Evo uses in phase detection, instead of viewing the target laser.

Whether the camera produces good results, must be seen. More and smaller pixels on a sensor as large lead often faster to noisy shots in lower light. In addition, the Evo camera has a smaller aperture. Also the HTC Evo 10 but has an optical image stabilization.

Price Too High

Processor equipped HTC in the recycling box has taken–apparently to press the cost. Because the EVO is not the Snapdragon 820, but its predecessor from last year. But a pushover is not the 810s. For normal users can hardly play a role is likely, can be accessed by the processor only on 3 instead of 4 gigabytes of memory.

However, despite the austerity measures, the price of the Evo could be a problem. Because the retail price for the sale at Media Markt and Saturn is 579 euros. The better equipped HTC 10 is already for 530 euros.