HTC one M8 Prime – a Waterproof Premium Smartphone in an Aluminium-Silicon Case (Rumor)

The trend is probably at the moment to bring out premium versions of the own smartphones. There are many rumors that Samsung produces an improved variant of the Galaxy S5. Also the LG G3 seems to get a premium equipment. HTC seems to also follow this trend and is working on the HTC one prime.

After a small Twitter teasing between Jeff Gordon, the online communications manager at HTC, and the most well known tech-Leaker Evleaks this betrayed a few details on the premium smartphone from HTC.

“In the last few days a famous Leaker with his last two revelations has located next to it totally. Be careful where you get your news here. “, wrote Jeff Gordon on Twitter. The technology whistleblower @evleaksfelt apparently talked and showed what a short time later he knows everything about the HTC one prime.That probably went back off for HTC.

Top facilities

The premium Smartphone should have a QHD display. Just like the oppo find 7 and probably the LG G3, it features a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The screen size is 5.5 inches. 3 GB memory will be used. When the processor @evleaks is not so sure. First, he writes of an Snapdragon of 810 by Qualcomm. This one has a clock speed of 2.5 GHz quad-core. This processor will come until 2015 according to manufacturers in the first quarter on the market. That would be nearly a year after the launch of the HTC One M8. So we might have to do it here even with the next one smartphone from HTC. This processor supports, including the fast LTE Cad6 standard also addresses the Leaker.

In a later tweet, 805 evleaks writes of the Snapdragon. This processor is already available, what Prime makes it more likely a HTC one M8. LTE Cad6 but not supported.

A special feature are Evleaks even price. The enclosure shall consist of a special material. A mixture of aluminum and liquid silicone. The materials would combine the two attributes that. Lightness and heat conductivity of aluminium and durability and cost-efficient processing of liquid silicone. Also the HTC one should be Prime waterproof as the competitors Galaxy S5 and Z2.

It is to be hoped that HTC improved the ratio of display to the frame. The South Korean manufacturer, most space is wasted in comparison to other. With a 5.5 inch screen we have a very cumbersome Smartphone otherwise, if the proportions remain as on the M8.

Anyway, we remain curious to see what coming for details of this Smartphone on the light. We’ll keep you up to date.