HTC One M9: Gel File Videos Reveal The Smartphone

It is the Königsleak: even before the HTC one M9 had its official world premiere on March 1, three suspected promotional videos on the Internet are reached. This show not only the Smartphone that visually very close has HTC one M8 on the predecessor, in all its glory, but also a number of new features.

Dienstagnacht, the three videos were provided by @upleaks to the Internet – the Leaker, the rumor mill has to owe lots of the known details of the HTC one M9. And these should in many ways prove to be correct, as one of the three clips shows, which confirms a number of rumors: Yes, the HTC one M9 is visually almost unchanged compared to the HTC one M8, there is a 20-MP main camera and UltraPixel Selfies, the BoomSound speakers bring Dolby Surround and three colors are available. Also the logo of Qualcomm – emblazoned at the end of the clip in the bottom right corner if there not a Snapdragon 810 in it. According to a teaser from Qualcomm, the case should be accurate.

Sense 7 Brings Some New Features Of The HTC One M9

The videos reveal but also interesting details that so far not are prepared up in the rumor mill. For example, one of the clips shows the new camera and the corresponding software features in everyday use, which allow some nice gimmick right in detail. Another video is dedicated to the new possibilities for the personalization of the home screens, the new sense UI of HTC one M9 with matching color selection on the basis of the wallpapers helps. Also the possibility to assign a customized set of apps on the home screen to certain places is convenient.

As was to be expected, the videos have been deleted fairly soon. But also how to refrain was, they spread through multiple new uploads continue. We show you a handy bundle of video that summarizes all three clips one at this point. Two of the three movies seem to be have been released while the third, after all, is accompanied with music but no sound. We remain nevertheless curious, what will present HTC on March 1 at his MWC event according to this leak and will of course report.