HTC One Mini m8 Comes In May (Update)

Update (15.05.2014): The mini M8 is released mini 2 as HTC one. Our post can be found here: HTC one mini 2: the little big cam.

Update (06.05.2014): Now a first press image is geleaked, which reveals a distinct similarity of the new one mini one M8.

Once again, the well-known Twitterer @evleakswas responsible for the leak. The new mini – regardless of whether it now HTC one mini M8 or mini hot 2 is – has front speakers anyway, back on board, the second camera of big brother is missing however, – adopted of course as was rumored earlier, the image is real.Of colors, it will probably as silver, gold

and “gunmetal” have to offer the M8. While there are already rumors about the specs and the release (see below), the price is still completely unclear. We keep you up to date!

The new one will get a mini branch as its predecessor. This is a 4.5 this time “-HD display on board, lacking a key feature of the”big”M8.”

The last year’s HTC one mini was “- HD display, LTE and BOOM sound for a reasonably affordable street price €400–were a welcome relief to the ever growing upper class devices. for many Smartphone fans a little highlight – noble aluminum frame, compact housing, 4.3 So

many a user, of the 4.7 “-found theHTC One too big for one-handed operation, found here.”

HD or full HD – that is the question

Now the successor for the one has appeared with the HTC One M8 , and already there are rumors of a mini version of the device. Two operators have themselves already “date”, so the White British mobile operator 3 G thanks to an insider trader, that the HTC one mini M8 is confirmed and it in the sales in May to go and come with an elegant unibody design of big brother. In addition, the source has a 4.5 “screen confirmed, but not whether it has a HD or full HD resolution.

Swedish operator Telia has meanwhile published a list on the Internet after the HTC one M8 mini HD voice supported, how Phandroid on Swedroid found out.

Upscale middle class, only a rear-view camera

He always well informed Twitter user @evleaks had twittered already early February that the M8 mini display will grow at 4.5 inches but further resolve in HD. With a resulting pixel density of 326.4 ppi, the screen would be actually sharp enough. Further, evleaks, said that a 1.4 GHz Snapdragon S400-Quad- processor, a 1 GB of large memory and 16 GB of large and expandable internal memory as well as Google Android 4.4 with Scythe 6.0, on screen buttons, one 13-MP-re – and 5-MP frontcamera, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth will be 4.0 on board.

That sounds like a fine middle-class. Especially on the camera, I’d be curious, 13 megapixels should hardly be the ultra pixel camera of the previous “ones”. As the British 3 G blog writes, there is also only one sensor, i.e. probably the most exciting feature of the HTC one M8, which is dual camera with distance sensor for subsequent focusing, at the little brother away. However, the mini might interesting M8 for all who want to have a more compact but elegant Smartphone with expected snappier performance.