HTC One Real Gold, Platinum And Pink Gold

The HTC one M8 is now available for a few weeks. In the tests, it could contend. There are many rumors to the Smartphone or a small, a slimmed-down, and a colourful Variant. Now, the definitely most expensive version of the flagship of HTC was presented for the first time. A one wrapped in gold, Platinum or rose gold can secure a desired exclusivity. Also, there are unofficial numbers of sold one M8 devices and a change of strategy at HTC.

Who currently want to lie to an HTC one M8 with 16 gigabytes of memory without a contract must scroll around € 600 on the table. That is too little, should look to this variant of the one. As a Smartphone will cost from €1,900. Wrapped in gold, Platinum or rose gold.

Until now, the One M8 from HTC is only in the colours black, to have silver and gold. Rumor has it that release by a red, one blue and one pink and the variant is imminent. The precious metals you have there even more selection.

It is gold that glitters

The Taiwanese company HTC cooperates with the gold plating company “Gold genius”. Together, they sell the top smartphone from HTC in different precious metal alloys. There was also the First HTC one in a variant of real gold. Price starts the fun at €1.840 for the Gold version. A one wrapped in pink gold costs around €1,940 and for the Platinum version €2.000 is due.

The precious metal one is delivered, but also stylish in a box made of oak. A wonder that’s not personally is brought to pass one.

500,000 sold one M8

HTC has released yet no official sales numbers for the Smartphone, but Android Central has found a plausible clue.

About device-specific, you can see how many units were sold downloads. HTC Flashing feed and DotVieware two apps that are intended only for the HTC M8 until now. That is also only M8 can download owner of these two apps.

The download counter was still 100,000 to 500,000 a few days ago. That has now changed. Now, it appears a download number about 500,000. When you pay so believes, it could be that a total of about half a million HTC one M8 were sold.

The outsourcing of apps makes sense. So, manufacturers can update their apps without having to make a full system update for the device.

The one is available now for a good month. The same sales volume has cracked Samsung Galaxy S5 in just 11 days.

HTC wants to outsource production

HTC currently not so fine when the finances. In the third quarter of last year had to announce the company for first time in the company’s history, to make losses. Also the HTC one seems not much to help. Therefore, the manufacturer has decided to outsource the production of mid-range of smartphones.So far, all Smartphone manufactured by HTC in its own factories. The Smartphone HTC desire 816 and the one are not affected series.

Already in August, HTC has reduced the production of equipment to adapt so the quantity of demand.There is no option that individual factories are shut down or sold according to HTC.