Huawei Ascend D3 – Rumors To The Top Smartphone From Huawei

A photo shows the likely next Smartphone flagship from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. More recently, the company has introduced a top Smartphone. The Huawei Ascend P7. Technical performance that could be surpassed soon again.

A photo of the Ascend D3 unearthed on the side of MyDrivers was quickly spread by GizChina. This makes headlines after the P7 again Huawei and cheer on the rumor mill.

Chic exterior-similar to the HTC One

Externally, the similarity to the HTC one immediately striking one. The display is completed by the white housing up and down. The frame around the display seems to be very small, because a real edge is not really on the photos. The trend of narrow bezels is therefore continuing. I can find better than QHD resolution or 5.2-inch display.

There, the question arises who, Huawei has the ideas for the Smartphones. From the edge of the display you could my LG. Even with the G3 from LG, which will be presented today, the edge of the display will be again very narrow, like in the LG G2. Of the overall design this time Huawei has inspired but rather by HTC. Even with the Mediapad M1 Huawei seems to the South Korean company have copied something from. Much about an iPhone clone was reported at the Ascend P6. The new Ascend P7 has adopted some design elements of the Sony Z2 .

Who needs already QHD


The CEO of Huawei devices, Richard Yu, has expressed clearly screens in an interview against the use of QHD. The human eye would no difference from a pixel density between full HD and QHD determine so Yu. According to a study by sharp, the eye can certainly notice a difference. Even by 500 to 1000 ppi. The QHD display must insert an another major minus point: consume too much power.

As final, you might consider that the D3 with a full HD screen comes. Just like the predecessor Ascend D2. To the display size, nothing further is known. A screen with a diagonal of 5.0 inches would be possible like in D2.

Huawei’s own processor


As it became known in February, Huawei tinkering on an own processor for mobile devices. In the most current smartphones, a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU is installed. Huawei’s processor should mean “HiSilicon Kirin 920” and have 8 cores. 4 of them with 1.8 GHz clocked, the other 4 1.5 GHz. With normal use, only the slower cores to be used, which can bring a longer battery life. If the capacity needs to be increased, for example, When elaborate 3D games, faster cores to appear then. An interesting concept. As a graphics unit, an ARM Mali T628MP4 should be used.

2 GB RAM to support this special processor. If the Kirin 920 is really built and Potter in the Ascend D3, is still totally unclear. Sounds but plausible.

The Ascend D3 to come on the market in June in China. For €350 the Smartphone could be a high-end device at an acceptable price. But as always, These are all just rumors. I like the design but already times well.