Ios 6: Facebook Integration Increasingly Likely

Update (June 5, 2012): Facebook on board
Facebook is arguably the number 1 among the social networks. Therefore, it is not surprising that apple facebook wants to integrate into the mobile operating system. The integration in ios 6 was among other things so important because many apps support the login via facebook and users intensively use this possibility, techcrunch writes. The page thinks that apple builds mainly auto parts functions. So far (ios 5) apple uses the service as integrated social media service twitter it is supposed to continue in ios 6. By the way: In an older, non-released ios 4 version facebook was already on board.

Google remains sidelined?

According to various internet sources apple starts with ios 6 its own maps service. This would mean the end for google maps on the iphone and ipad. In addition, the company from cupertino plans also a 3D mode as 9to5mac reported. According to techcrunch is a substitute for google street view in the wings. Should the rumors come true, google runs the risk to lose millions of users, and in addition many app developers in one fell swoop. To the new apple service must convince them and offer more in terms of scope and operation.

Silver instead of blue?

The engineering blog BGR his part contributes to the making rumors around apple’s new map service: It confirmed the information from 9to5Mac, the service to have a 3D mode, currently put the finishing touches on the apple. In addition, BGR has received exclusive tips about it that the user interface of apple’s maps program in silver instead of blue is designed it is not unlikely that even ios 6 follows this new color scheme. BGR continues to write that the maps version for the iphone is a locate me button (in german: Places me) in the upper left corner. To turn on the 3D mode, the user pages just on the lower right corner to.

Ios 6: Rumors and wishes at a glance

10 assumptions guide the new apple OS when 6 appears ios?

In recent years apple has ios and iphone updates together its in-house exhibition, presented at worldwide developers conference (WWDC), the. In 2011 the company deviated from the scheme and released only the beta of ios 5 to WWDC. The final version followed together with the iphone 4s in october 2011. Therefore the blog assumes ios 6 news that apple also on this year’s conference to only the beta ios 6 presented the final version could together with the iphone 5 in the third quarter of 2012 come out. Held ios, 6 is also a small update to ios 5.2 not to exclude.

When held the WWDC 2012?

Stopping apple WWDC at the moscone center in san francisco from june 11 to 15. Tickets for the exhibition are no longer available. Within just a few hours, these have gone in advance about the digital counter. In addition to ios 6, apple introduces worldwide developers conference of probably itunes 11 on the. (sk/vk)