iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Rumors

Apple is planning the installation of a so-called force-touch feature in its next Smartphone apparently similar to that seen by the Apple Watch. It facilitates the operation. Insider revealed any further details.

Using “force touch” can be when in April on the market called up coming Apple Watch submenus by pressing more on the touch screen. This

function plans according to a report from Howsmb, Apple for the next generation iPhone, which probably comes in the autumn on the market. There had been corresponding rumors previously also from Asia.

Force touch is achieved in the Apple Watch about technical changes in the touchscreen, which would then also into the iPhone – possibly supplemented by a vibration feedback (“Taptic engine”). The new devices are probably “iPhone 6s” (4.7 inch) or “iPhone 6s plus” (5.5 inches) hot, goes on, citing informed circles. Apple is likely to continue its current course so that, after a year with completely revamped devices a year later above all on internal improvements to put.

Rumors that Apple is planning for iPhone 6s and 6 s plus a new dual camera with two lenses are not correct according to the report, however. This is not enough space in the housing. Competitors like HTC with the one M8 already using this technique to take better pictures.

When iPhone 6s and 6s plus on the market, is still unclear – Apple likely to follow suit but on his usual release date in the autumn. A return of a 4-inch device is speculation about which also for a long time, currently excludes AppleInsider.