iPhone 6s: New Rumors Confirm 12-MP Camera With Pentalogy Lens

What may actually be the camera in Apple’s new iPhone 6 s? It seems already clear, because of numerous rumors that henceforth a 12 megapixel sensor is used. An anonymous source from production circles has told to business insider in the iPhone 6 s now but still far more details about the camera.

iPhone 6s New Rumors Confirm 12-MP Camera With Pentalogy Lens

A new camera sensor alone is finally not a good camera. Accordingly Apple to Exchange, for example, the lens on the back of the iPhone 6 s against a new brand, that best fits the new sensor. According to the report, a component to use, which consists of five parts comes here now. The lenses should be customized according to the Insider already in mass.

Production Of Camera Lenses In The Schedule

That the production of the new lenses has begun, not surprising: rumored to eventually mass production should begin the iPhone 6 s in the second half of the current month. Although the timing appears somewhat scarce, but the production of camera lenses according to the Insider source should be fully on schedule.

Even if the camera lens is a new in the iPhone 6 s, so their five-section structure represents still no peculiarity. The current iPhone 6 already includes this technology and not a few smart phones such as for example the OnePlus 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S5 put on lenses that are assembled from six parts because they can capture more light. As the inside source reveals, to Apple iPhone 7 also for the plan with a six-part camera lens – and these have already been commissioned.

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