Ips: Navigating The Gps Of The Future By Building

The GPS of the future
Now a GPS receiver is installed in almost every smartphone, which helps users to orient themselves and to navigate. However, the technique has disadvantages as well: Straight to your phone often not exactly does the tracking work and often there are problems in determining heights. The biggest negative point, however, is another: GPS only works outdoors. IPS (indoor positioning system) this should now change and unerringly guide users through building.

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Google and nokia as pioneers

Already integrated google 2D plans of some shopping malls and airports in the united states last year in its google maps app. Nokia goes even one step further and offers his maps in 3D. Unlike GPS, there are but so far no standards for IPS. Google’s method to access wi-fi hotspots, and can determine the position in the room with the help of their signal strength. Nokia using bluetooth. The advantage is that the location more precisely fails. However you would have to in many buildings for hotspots and so-called bluetooth beacons set up.

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As IPS work?

Last broadcom presented a chip, which should soon get moving into smartphones. It supports IPS through wi-fi, bluetooth and NFC and the sensors installed in the phone. A scenario might look like: A user enters via GPS to the entrance of a building. The IPS chip stores the last tracking data and takes over. The position sensor, the beschleuningungssenor and the altimeter, the chip conducted the user with a software then to the target.

Many ways

IPS could facilitate the life outside. Is a user through the city, shops in the vicinity could send their offerings on his smartphone. While jogging, the technology capable, not only the speed but also the calorie consumption would be to measure the steps and the line. IPS could evaluate exactly how long is a user in the bed and how much time he spends in the office, on the train or on the toilet. Connected the whereabouts of friends could be with a social network show or tell parents what their children just where do. When IPS is widely available, is however not to see. (me)