Irresistible Me Clip in Hair Extensions

You would like to have longer hair? I tried the extension of Irresistible Me that are top quality, made with only 100% natural hair.

You have short hair and would like to stretch it so simple and easy? The extensions are the perfect solution to have suffered very long hair.

If you like to change often look and if voleve avoid permanent extension, I recommend you opt for the extension with clips. What are the best? I think only the hair extension  Irresistible Me Clip-In Hair Extension which are also among the most famous in the world and the most sought after internationally.

According to Beautypically, Irresistible Me is  an American company that produces high-quality hair extensions and this is due to the fact that only uses 100% natural hair.

natural being can be washed, dyed and dressed with irons and plates. The company staff gives us’ suggestions to improve the durability of the fold, in fact suggest to wash your hair extensions every 10/20 uses with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep them soft.

We see in detail all the features of these extensions, how to use and review after the test.


How to choose the ideal color for us? As for the dye, being chemically been treated and processed, advise us to use a slightly lighter color than what we want to achieve. Instead for commissioning being natural crease we should not overdo it with irons and plates because, as our hair tends to dehydrate and dry out, even the extension may be affected by prolonged use of these accessories.

We can choose between 12 different tones ranging from light blond to black through shades of brown and red.

Even the lengths and the weight varies depending on the need that we want to satisfy.

I have chosen the extension “Royal Ginger” 55 cm long with a weight of 200 gram.

Compared to my color I am slightly lighter and this is perfect for me that I love the color tonal games, because once you wear the two shades blend together creating a rich color of many shades.

These extensions are applied on the hair with clips of the latest generation: it is secure without having cotonare before the hair, do not slip, and even after several hours that you wear do not hurt.

The extension Irrresistible Me are in a black box which contains inside a bag divided into two parts, one containing an extension and three reserve clips and the other containing the other extension 9 sealed.

When we receive we have to open the part that contains the single extension and make sure it matches what we had ordered, then we evaluate whether the color and length are those that satisfy us. If there was something that was not to our liking we do not open the absolutely sealed and reship quietly back everything so as to get the color change or a full refund.

Extensions are 10, divided as follows:

– 1 extension and reinforced with 4 clips (this specific extension can also be ordered individually);


In the video tutorial I show you all the steps you take to learn to apply the extension, you will see that it is easy!


My opinion on this product is absolutely positive, I like the fact that the clip does not make me sick and sticking to my hair without slipping. Natural being like the feel and especially love the fact to get volume without having to wear all. I can change your look in a few minutes and thanks to the volume that I get even pigtails realizable are fuller and voluminous.


Where can you buy? Online, the  official website of Irresistible Me  shipping also in Italy . Prices vary depending on the model, on the site you will find all the information.


The company, with friends Beautydea, offers the possibility to benefit from a permanent 10% discount on the order made ​​by including in the purchasing code:  IrresistibleBeautydea

The discount code is persistent, which means that, after the first Ardine been successful using the code, if you later want to make another order we can reuse the same code. Conversely this discount can not be combined with other discounts on the site. We suggest for this to always check if there are other active offers, to choose the best solution.

Let me know what you think, if you, like me, you love the extension, if you wear them often or just for special occasions. If you’ve never worn, I hope to be of help with this mini guide and video tutorials with step by step.