It Is The 20 ICQ Birthday, Celebrate It by Installing You on Android and Remembering Old Times

There are two types of people, those who remember ICQ and which were born after 1990. If you’re the first, congratulations, the old ICQ just 20-years-old, that they are not few in this messaging applications. Two decades ago ICQ was much simpler than our WhatsApp or Messenger, but shared with them the possibility of sending messages.

The golden age of ICQ depends on your country. He had his small moment of glory in Spain before the era of Messenger (Windows Messenger, rather than Facebook), although other countries may not have heard of ICQ in his life. More than one was dead, but ICQ was never dead, was partying.

Of israeli origin, he began his career as a product of the company Mirabilis to be bought by AOL in 1998 more than 400 million dollars, which are not few. It was about this time when ICQ was published 99b with all functions and what you probably remember.

The jump from PC to mobile phones It didn’t take long, and it is that ICQ was always ahead its time introducing for example encrypted conversations, multimedia elements (links, pictures, etc), shipping States and a myriad of features that the competition would soon include. The mobile version would come first to Palm OS, then Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android finally.

And there follows, in Google Play, waiting for you. ICQ is not now what it was in the past, especially since it was bought by group. It has modernized, includes its own version of Snapchat stories, images with filters, video calls, and integration with social networks and Russian services.

One thing remains the same, however, your account. Although you may seem incredible, your old UIN, acronym for Universal Internet Number, a number of six digits or more, It still exists and you still can log on. Your contact list is still there, probably frozen for more than one decade, waiting for you to enter and redescubras it.

Te hablararia of the virtues of the current ICQ for Android, a messaging application pretty decent, with a curious feature to find nearby groups or search by sex, gender and age (always speak with strangers was very ICQ), but you probably does not matter because hardly anyone uses it outside Russia. In any case, is as good as any other once to log on and open the window to the nostalgia of the past.