It Will be the End of the Unpleasant Present? Yes, If You Depend on Amazon

It may be that, at the time it is given a gift, what counts is the intention. So always have still those gifts that are useless or unpleasant, we would like to change as soon as we opened the package and discovered what it is. The Amazon is one step closer to making this possible. So much so that even the idea has passed by the US patent office and is already registered.

This new patent Amazon has not yet been implemented, but ensures a system in which the person who will receive gifts can block the sending of a product before it is effectively implemented. Say your aunt some decided to give you a new control for Nintento Wii, when in fact you have an Xbox 360. With the patent, Amazon would be able to prevent this sort of thing happen.

The main motivation for such a system is cost reduction. Here in the United States consumers have the right to return the products for any reason, does not suit them – similarly to what happens in Brazil, by the way. Millions of dollars are used in order the products to the stores, as well as order processing and handling in distribution centers. When Amazon tries to send the right gift for the right person, not being a good girl, but only reducing its costs.

In theory the users would have to create filters to prevent relatives, friends, lovers etc. send unpleasant present. For example, if you do not like green shirts would have to block the sending of this type of gift. It’s something that would depend on a high processing power from Amazon, but would avoid constraints.

What happens if a person decides to exchange your gift before it is sent? There are two options, according to the patent from Amazon: send a card thanking the unique gift (the one that the person did not receive, no face cock it may seem) or warn you that there was a product change by whatever reason.

It is important to say, however, that all this is still in the realm of possibilities. Amazon has secured a patent about it, but no one knows if the system is effectively ready or they just started to program it. Anyway, I’m still a fan to receive the first gift and exchange later. The face-to-face contact with the container and unwrap the treat is irreplaceable. But maybe I’m just being nostalgic excess.