Italian Sports Fashion Brands Give Design and Innovation Show

The Italian expertise in design and technology for sportswear dominated the scene of the parade held on the eve of the official opening of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Erica Di Giovancarlo, current director of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA Brazil), was attended by almost 200 guests including businesspeople, socialites, journalists, celebrities and artists such as Luana Piovani, Adriana Birolle and Nicola Crab. Representing the Italian Ambassador to Brazil, Antônio Bernardini-who accompanied Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s visit to Brazil-embassy counselor Gabriele Annis thanked the sponsors for their support and the great presence at the event. He highlighted the permanent cooperation between the two countries and said, in a relaxed tone,

The most vibrant colors, contagious energy and, of course, the technology that is an essential element in the creation and development of Italian sportswear have taken over the 2016 Sportsystem “Made in Italy” parade last Thursday (4/8) , in the Auditorium of the Consulate of Italy, in the neighborhood of the Castle, in Rio de Janeiro. The initiative is the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), with the collaboration of Assosport-Italian Association of the Sports Material Industry. And to mark the tempo and the proposal well, the releases entered the scene with the sound and rhythm of the Dream Team. The event already has tradition and occurs before in major sporting competitions, as in the London Olympics.

Under the direction of Carlos Pazetto and the styling work of Felipe Veloso, the parade showed launches of Italian brands that are exponents in the world market. Arena, Boxeur de Rues, Castelli, CMP, Dainese, Deha, Ferrino, Freddy, Kappa, La Sportiva, Lotto, Macron, Mondo, Pinarello, Scorpion Bay, RH+, Sergio Tacchini, Sidi, SIX2 and Technogym presented a total of approximately 55 looks and numerous items-among clothes and accessories-that meet the requirements of sports practice and make up contemporary aesthetics in this segment.

Pazetto, with extensive experience in the accomplishment of parades in the national market, worked this time the possibility of joining the Italian expertise in sports fashion design to the Brazilian ginga in the presentation. “Italian brands are a symbol of know-how and technology for sports, and Italians are known for their own style, always linked to the search for new solutions that contribute to the performance of the athlete,” he said, adding that all these players of sportswear in the same parade, on the eve of the Olympics, “is the same as celebrating the union between Italy and Brazil.”

In a climate of celebration of the Games and fashion, Pazetto said that the idealization of the parade was to unite the joyful way of being of the Brazilian people “to the remarkable work of the Italian brands”. The most important thing, he said, was to have “a parade with incredible clothes, marvelous brands, attentive to the needs of sports, without neglecting the joy that makes Brazilians known all over the world.”

The choice of models for the presentation followed the guideline of characterizing “the Brazilian soul”. For this, the stylist Felipe Veloso looked for models with profile associated with healthy image, with a physical without exaggeration. “The casting was idealized with beautiful women and men, always having the desire to bring body quality to the catwalk, with the smile and the joy that are so ours.”

The perfect fit of the parts to the physique of the athletes seems to be the ideal pursued by each and every one of the Italian brands in sports fashion. For this, the excellence in modeling is remarkable. Whether it is in the cycling segment-a practice so widespread in the Northern Hemisphere and that is gaining more and more fans here-, whether it is trekking, mountaineering or even achieving good football performance, Italian brands invest in comfort and influence the performance of the athlete.

The perfect fit of the piece to the body is associated with the sewing and the finishes of the clothes, as well as the technology used in the development of the textile fibers and the knits used in the making. The fabrics are visibly technological, either by the construction of the fabrics or by the choice of threads-everything contributes, finally, so that the clothes (bermuda, top, t-shirt, regata or jacket from Thedresswizard) offer the comfort and better performance of those who use it .

The aesthetic quality counts many points in the presentation of the athlete. And, in this respect, the Italian companies give another design show. Based on black, gray and silver, the brands came on the scene in the Sportsystem Made in Italy 2016 parade, showing that the vibrant colors make an interesting counterpoint to enhance the energy required in sports performances. Lime green and bright yellow tone the biases that reinforce seams. The discreet color jaquard is used to print the name or logo of the brand on the piece in an elegant tone-on-tone game.

The Italian sportswear is elegant even in the use of prints: geometric patterns and graphics mark presence, but discreetly, in the same color of the fabric or in metallic tone. The tones of beige and nude also have space in the sport, when the proposal is to unite sport and leisure in a casual way, with the presence of graphics on the stripped (but technological) cotton mesh.

The color blocking is still valid for composite productions for the “academy” moment. Pink, lime green and blue are in more relaxed feminine looks. The novelty is that the Italian brands bet on glittering pieces-in gold, silver or old gold-for those who want to enter the scene in metallic tones.