It’s All About the Dress

It is true that when it comes to party dresses, the possibilities to fall in the sameness of the Department stores is very large. And you want to enter the triumphal Hall, dress something unique, isn’t it? So why not save a lot of money, squander creativity and come up with an outfit all your unique, attractive and original in detail?

Have you ever thought of venturing out and sew your own dress for this season, or at least draw it for that lead to a seamstress or a friend who has a knack for sewing?

If you feel tempted, let’s give some tips for you to understand the basics of the process of creating the standard and evening dress and molds the ballad to help create your own style.

If you (or your friend) already have some practice with the needle and thread and have used ever another mold any clothes, not going hard to the molds (diagrams) to make a dress as you wish. You can also find templates and 1000 ideas in magazines, like the Spanish or brazilian, Dummy Burda or any other that they will find in kiosks and specialty shops at the point and sewing job.

The dress of the Ballad

A dress can say is the Union of the casts of a blouse and a skirt and this joint can be made right under the bust (very sexy), or at the waist (the classic), at the height of the chairs (provocative). Of course, the dress may not have any of those previous horizontal cuts and can be interiço, jovial and charming.

The (mould) dress can have different types of necklines and sleeves. That is, you just need to know the basic templates of different types of necklines, sleeves (or not) and skirts to create your custom template. Let us therefore take a look at each of these parts of a dress:

The neckline of the dress

The first thing is to decide what type of neckline you prefer and value to your figure. See below the main types of necklines and choose cheap sundresses  that harmonize with your look:

Turtle Neckline–stretches the body and let the elegant woman. The neck is completely closed and the arms are out, he added.

Cleavage Canoe-for women with narrow shoulders and little bust, because it helps to balance the volume of hips, giving an impression of equivalence between shoulders and hips.

Halter Neckline–ideal for women with small breasts, because it attracts attention to the center of the body and to the back, looking more volume.

U neck -to skinny women or of type mignon and with little bust, because it takes up volume (mainly the deepest).

V-neck – considered the most democratic of cleavage, because values the lap (without increasing the volume), helping to stretch and to refine the silhouette of almost all body types: short, fatties, broad-shouldered, with too much or too little bust and even for those who have breasts well separated.

Cleavage X Effect–for women who wish to highlight the area of the neck, because the breast becomes the center of attention in the game of cops intersect at “x”. Cross-bands guarantee greater safety, especially for those women with very bust.

Roma Cleavage-for women who wish to enhance bust, valuing shoulders, back, neck and shoulders, stretching region. Small breasts are valued by the frown that gives the impression that they are larger.

Shoulder/Asymmetrical Neckline–for skinny women, with narrow shoulders and arms.

Heart Neckline or Princess -for woman super feminine, daring to let out the breast contour (shape of the top of a heart). Also known as a half cup, which help lift and support the breasts.

Strapless Neckline–for women with small breasts or medium because it values the neck and arms, drawing attention to it.

Cleavage Dug in the back–for women with small breasts and narrow shoulders, drawing attention to the center of the body, especially the back.

The sleeve of her dress

One of the important parts to ensure you are comfortable with your party’s suit sleeve type chosen. To love, learn some basic types of sleeves and choose the one that has your guy:

Short sleeve-small and straight, with or without handle.

Balloon Sleeve-Small pleated (Princess style).

Three-quarter Sleeve–comes below the elbow and wrist before.

Long sleeve with handle-commonly used in crisp dress or tube type shirt.

Long sleeve frown Gypsy/Manga–as well as wide and loose around the arm and frown on the handle.

Arm sleeve-piece cut from the beginning of the neck to the end of the Chair.

Hammer flared–a blow as arm sleeve, but in a straight line from the neck to the pits.

Japanese Sleeve-short sleeve one piece very fair that ends with fist.

Bat Sleeve-sleeve too wide which form of triangle, usually below the elbow.

Ham/Gigot Sleeve-sleeve pulse fair to the elbow, extending to the shoulder, where frown or with pleats. Without (strapless) and spaghetti straps.

The skirt of the dress

Now it’s time to choose what kind of skirt will have the dress and if she will be short or long. The long gown is suitable for events and more formal night, ensuring great elegance. For your time, short dresses are more suitable for informal events and ballads.

You must choose the type of skirt and trim according to your goal for the party dress:

  • Straight skirt and lisa
  • Ruffled skirt
  • Ball skirt or evasê
  • Pleated skirt/com folds
  • Tulip skirt
  • Balloon skirt
  • Skirt Mullet
  • Asymmetric Skirt

Another issue to consider before cutting the mold is the color and the type of fabric for the dress.

Black is a classic, especially if it has sparkles. But you can bet that color more favours your skin and hair type. For party dresses, the lighter fabrics, soft, sensual and elegant provide better result and are to ensure success. Prom dresses ask fabrics such as satin, chiffon, organza, silk, muslin, lace and embroidery. Make sure that the fabric chosen have movement and good trim.

And don’t forget the details that make the difference. Dare adding cracks by applying strategic feathers or giant ties, so that you can say with pride: “I made it myself!” when someone asks where you got to buy this unique piece!

With a good cast, any notion of sewing and a lot of creativity, you can make 1001 prom dresses.