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Everyone has a pair of jeans in his wardrobe. Jeans, which is an evergreen in the fashion world, came to stay to right. 150 years is a good piece now already old, but has not always been as popular as today. Due to its unconventional nature and patented stud adornments garment provoked in again. But the jeans have been able to enforce mode technically. Since its creation this special pants has now been through the wildest forms and styles.

The originally resistant work trousers for gold diggers has been made of a fabric from Nîmes and exported from Italy. Through linguistic distortion of the names of cities Genoa and Nîmes finally has everything together for denim jeans. The robust pants in their present form at that time were just as unacceptable as the bikini or the T-shirt. She was more a symbol of protest as a fashion garment. Today she is rebellious and innocent as ever. Practically as an indispensable part of your life.

Jeans Fit & Style Guide


Jeans are an absolute classic and an integral part of streetwear. Here, each carrier has its preferences when choosing these Basics. The walk from the pant to the tube, the carrots cut on Boyfriend jeans to Baggy and back.

All-rounder is the keyword here. Most common among all the pass forms the Five happened Pocket variant. There are two back pockets, two front pockets and in the front right an additional small pocket. More fashionable progeny from the jeans dynasty shall find the Chino and Cargo pants.


Jeans by Nikita

Meanwhile, the narrow trousers of cotton have a certain stretch for better fit and more comfortable fit. This conjures up a beautiful rear view also with you. Countless rock’n’roll stars have shown the way. The slim-fitting article can be found in the collections of Volcom and Internetages.

Straight check with brands here are like Carhartt and Reell. The section stretches the leg and goes with each figure.

The baggy similar with wide fit and freedom of movement you’ll find at Horsefeathers and Nikita. Sitting loose and is comfortable.

Jeans Fit & Style Guide

On top, there are many fine details and accessories, pronounced seams, buttons, rivets, pockets, zippers, and the colors and washes.


Always ago with the different styles! From the stonewashed, Acidwashed- or Bleached optics you can never have enough. The make the daily grind more beautiful because monochromatic pants wear the other.

Or let the good old blue jeans in a beautiful indigo-blue coloration be. The color lovers among you are not forgotten, because there is hardly any color or style in which it does not exist. And for the daredevils among you there are on top beautiful prints such as Billabong and Roxy.

Make your own piece of history and experience many stylish moments. In combination with a T-shirt and sneakers see jeans look best. Blue Tomato does not splash out and provides you some fine specimens to choose from!