Jewelry from Ash and Sweets

Jewelry is and has always been a taste.There are jewels that appeal to so many people, generations and therefore become a classic.And there are jewelery, where the klapplade folds down.For he is anything but ordinary.Whether from the material or because of an unusual form.But is everything beyond the norm really so strange or bad?Just convince yourself. Because today I have put together for you a small list with already very, we say, conspicuous pieces of jewelry.The actual hammer comes to an end.

1. Gilded milk tooth

The custom with the tooth fairy is meanwhile also quite well known here.The child puts his milk tooth under the head pillow and the next day the tooth fairy was there and left a small gift in return.But perhaps one should think again.A business idea has now developed from the innocent wish of a child.A child’s milk tooth is gilded, provided with an eyelet and from then on acts as a chain trailer.It is logical that every follower is unique.And a very personal reminder.

2. Jewelry from sweets

In the meantime, there are also manufacturers who produce jewelery from and with sweets.So actually ideal for having a sweet tooth (including me).The sweets are coated with a varnish and preserved for eternity.So you have almost always something sweet.At the same time, however, this is also somehow mean, because perhaps one gets only thereby still more desire for the sweets.Finally, it is not for nothing:”Out of sight, out of mind.”

3. Jewelry made of huge feathers

Federschmuck is not unusual, just lately it could be found again.So small, fluffy feathers are quite cute.But it becomes really noble when big springs come into play.Woman can adorn herself with all sorts of things.For example, with a hair band decorated with rather large peacock feathers.But whoever thinks that a cheating hairstyle can be cheated away, thinks wrong.Because these springs fall immediately.The frustrated hairstyle underneath unfortunately also.

4. Diamonds – jewelry from ash

For a long time I thought about whether I would put this point at all into today’s blog post.Because the topic is quite delicate.There is a company that specializes in making diamonds from the ashes of the dead.The idea is probably from the USA, but the company also offers its services in Germany.Here one should get from a part of the ashes or hair of deceased relatives a beautiful artificial diamond.And so can always carry his beloved fellow human beings close to him.The diamonds are manufactured in a complex process and should be of high quality.What do you think about this curious jewel?I do not really know how to think about it.