Joe Jonas: Addicted to Shoes

Joe Jonas has a penchant for shoes. The 21-year old singer, who as part of the band Jonas Brothers brings the girls hearts melt has a preference that share usually women. So the musician admits that he had “too many” pair of shoes, but nothing great find, buy the latest treads as his stylists to leave as soon as they are on the market.

“I love fashion,” he explained the ‘ the journal’. “Since last year I am interested very much. No matter whether I go out in the evening or during the day. I love to put on something that is striking and makes me feel good. I’m also a big fan of the shoe,”he confesses. “I have far too many. “Whenever there’s a new couple, then I write my stylists: ‘you can get me one of them?'”

While the young star could design soon, perhaps even his own shoes and pieces of clothing, because when he looked over at the Milan fashion week at Calvin Klein, the label he was very fond. They have even offered him to work with him on a fashion collection claimed the singer.

“I went to a small fashion show Calvin and it was kinda cool to understand the world of fashion and Hin einzutauchen. That was really fun”, raved about the musicians and added without concrete,:”you want to do some things, I would like to make a few things with them. So I’m looking forward.”